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TopOrFlop? TopOrFlop? We continually do the best to improve our software. But without any feedback, this is a hard job - since we do not see what problems you encounter, or what improvements you need. We neither get to know what changes you liked, or which you felt to be a worsening. This means: Improvement depends on your feedback!

Thus, if you are already using DBAHelper (and especially the included RMAN Framework), you would do us and yourself a big favour spending one minute of your precious time to visit the Review and answer some questions. Only two of them (DBAHelper and Oracle versions used) are mandatory there - what additional details you want to provide, is completely up to you (of course, the more the better - but we understand your time is precious, so check at least a few). Consider it a little "Thank you" to us providing you this software for free.

Enjoy DBAHelper!