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Last modified: January 30 2018
v0.1.9 (30.01.2018)
! download counter was broken: version number was no longer recorded
+ added IP blacklist functionality to download class
* class download: add REL=nofollow to download links
! some fixes for PHP 5.4 compatibility
! replacing short-tags ("
v0.1.8 (13.10.2009)
+ adding the possibility of download limits to the downloader class. This allows you to restrict downloads per IP and program to a given number within a given time frame (see doc/limits.txt) - limiting those ones who download entire directory trees (i.e. all available versions of a given prog).
* replaced the E_USER_ERROR by E_USER_WARNING in the download class, since the former would still stop the script processing (and thus the download to fail, just for statistical issues - not nice)
+ adding possibility to map filenames to prognames for the download class, to e.g. map two different branches to the same prog ('mylib' and 'mylib2' can both point to 'mylib' this way)
! histview::set_max_relnum was doing nothing - now it does something (hey, that's an improvement, huh?)
* if the optional second parameter to the constructor of histview was omitted, it now falls back to the "basename" of the first (i.e. truncating the path and file extension from it)
* minor restructuring of the download class
v0.1.7 (24.08.2009)
+ adding referer check. Options for noRefererAction (empty referer) include "pass", "deny", and "whois" (check for crawler/bot nets)
+ adding remote network check. Especially some MS crawlers fake their UAs. But since they always leave the referer empty, we can limit the network checks to those. Use the histview_crawlernets file to specify their network information (one spec per line, all lowercase). These will be checked against the whois information for 'netname', 'OrgName', 'OrgNOCName', and 'descr'.
* the histview.inc file has been renamed to class.histview.inc. If you're afraid you may miss to update some of your scripts on an upgrade, you may either create a symlink (preferred method on Linux/Unix systems), or create a dummy histview.inc just including/requiring the real one.
* updated documentation
v0.1.6 (01.01.2009)
+ adding the possibility to reject file requests based on user agent (or to ignore them for the DL counter). Useful to e.g. exclude bots
+ download class now uses a configuration file for generic settings (you still can override those lateron, as usual). To make future updates easier, it automatically includes a personal configuration file if that exists
+ histview class now also uses the configuration file(s)
* statistic functions (database related stuff like download counter) can be disabled now for the download class
* if a database update fails, script is no longer stopped. Instead, an error is thrown (E_USER_ERROR) and the script continues, ignoring the issue
v0.1.5 (08.05.2008)
+ added doc/stats.txt to get you started with download statistics if you want them
* updated filelist.css
+ added api reference for the download class
+ added CSS classes for the change details, so e.g. bugfixes are displayed red, and feature adds green; this way important things are kind of hilighted
v0.1.4 (17.08.2007)
+ added the download class, which provides scanning of directories for downloadable files and creating links for them - or send a given file to the visitor requesting it, while optionally recording the download in a MySQL database
+ modified the histview class to (optionally) use the download class
* modified the img tags to conform w3c
+ added the possibility to chose a different URL argument separator
v0.1.3 (09.08.2007)
+ automatically add download links for *.tar.gz, *.deb and *.rpm if files exist for a given version in the configured directories
* changed link at the end of page to point to the project info page
* updated api reference
v0.1.2 (24.01.2004)
! pline() sometimes broke with an error message
+ added method add_mark(): now you can add your own (user-defined) marks
+ updated api reference
v0.1.1 (05.01.2004)
! fixed version number in copyright info
+ added download link
! line was omitted when starting with a version mark but not continuing with a (numeric) version number (e.g. starting with "verbose")
+ date of last modification for the processed history file is now displayed in the first line of the output
+ added stylesheet file
v0.1.0 (15.12.2003)
! if an entry was spread over multiple lines, we missed a space between the concatenated strings
+ added method set_mark() to replace the default identifier marks
+ added copyright info to output
+ first release
v0.0.3 (12.12.2003)
+ added method process() - now the input is not processed from the constructor but on demand, allowing changes of settings (see below)
+ added method set_icon() - now default icon definition can be overridden and thus default icons can be replaced
v0.0.2 (10.12.2003)
* replaced marks by icons (picked from the Apache distributed in /icons/)
* some cosmetical changes
v0.0.1 (initial version)
* reads in the history file and outputs a table. Everything plain text.
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