History for HyperSQL

Last modified: September 19 2016
v3.9.8 (19.09.2016)
* moved some hard-coded styling to CSS
! fixed wrong option assignment (--quiet)
+ new config keyword link_urls in Display section to have urls in Javadoc descriptions automatically linked
* improve formatting for @verbatim (keep indentions and empty lines)
* some minor cleanups in generated HTML
* updated some translations
v3.9.7 (21.07.2016)
* make sure --config can point to a config file in any directory
! Minor fix: log missing Javadoc for views only if config has verification logging on
+ Javadoc verification for stand-alone functions and procedures
! functions/procedures were not detected if the preceding keyword (CREATE/REPLACE) wasn't uppercased (didn't anyone notice all those years?!?)
* some minor doc/ cleanup
! usage scan didn't consider "CREATE .. EDITIONABLE VIEW" as CREATE statement
v3.9.6 (11.07.2016)
+ introducing javadoc_mandatory_objects keyword in config, accompanying javadoc_mandatory to tell for which objects Javadoc should be mandatory
! fixing path issue on Windows causing IOError with subdirectories
* do not spit errors on missing params if the object is set to @ignore*
* normalizing top_level_directory (remove trailing slashes if any)
* remove inline comments before scanning for objects to avoid "wrong findings"
v3.9.5 (11.06.2016)
* adding author name(s) to packages in bug/todo lists (honoring author_in_report setting)
+ new config keyword javadoc_shortdesc_mode to define how the short desc is cut out of the full desc
! fixes for whereused_scan_shortrefs: no more self-references or crashes with "index out of range"
+ new Javadoc tag @ignorevalidation (e.g. for objects subject to refacturing/obsolidation)
* ignoring comments ("-- comment" and "/* comment */") and string contents when checking parameters to functions/procedures to avoid "wrong parameter (count) evaluation"
+ adding check for "ignorefile" (default name: ".hsqlignore", configurable in the FileNames section). If that file is found in a directory, contents of this directory (including sub-directories) will be ignored by HyperSQL.
v3.9.4 (18.04.2016)
+ new config keyword "custom_css_files" allowing for multiple custom CSS files
+ Javadoc: implemented @verbatim tag
+ Javadoc verification: added config vars "mandatory_code_tags" (def.: empty) and "mandatory_codetag_objects" (def: "proc func pkg") to be able defining mandatory objects for code objects only (e.g. @author is not always useful for tables). mandatory_code_tags inherits mandatory_tags automatically, so mandatory_tags keep being applied to all objects.
* Javadoc short desc fixed (no longer cutting at the "first dot" if it is in e.g. a number like "version 3.9.4")
v3.9.3 (30.03.2016)
* cosmetical: navbar adjustments
+ added scripts to extract object definitions from database
* updated READMEs and "full ini"
* updated translations
* several minor fixes
v3.9.2 (16.03.2016)
* updated documentation
* updated HyperSQL.ini with additional useful (default) values and added doc/HyperSQLFull.ini with more complete settings
! fixed occasional crashes with JavaDoc on StandAlone objects
! fixed links on what_used pages
* jdoc parameter verification was limited to funcs/procs with <2 params (lifted)
v3.9.0 (14.07.2011)
! Javadoc parser was case sensitive - which could lead to trouble if one uppercased keywords (tnx Martin for the hint!)
+ Unittests: Added presql ("setup") and postsql ("teardown") to testcases
+ Unittests: Added basetype (to specify the basic type, e.g. VARCHAR, for some parameter originally defined like e.g. TABLE.COL%TYPE, to JUnit)
+ Unittests: Added check_sql to evaluate a "void" procedure. The SQL statement used here must be evaluable to Boolean -- e.g. SELECT COUNT() or SELECT 1
+ Object Type "TYPE" supported now (JavaDoc: @type)
! fixes to make it work with Windows (tnx Eremenko for the hints!)
v3.8.5 (12.09.2010)
* code reorg for better maintenance and re-usability
+ HTML files now get more "static" names so one can link to them directly (file names remain the same as long as the source file is not renamed or got its position - relative to the top-level source directory - changed)
+ HTML anchors also have more "steady names" now (unique within the file, changing only when an object is renamed or an object with the same name is inserted BEFORE it)
* prepared code for Python v3 compatibility
* reorganized gettext .pot file location so code links do work now
v3.8.0 (29.08.2010)
! fixed line numbers in code links (array counted line 1 as line 0)
* rewrote JavaDoc parser using RegExps - now all tags should be able to span multiple lines (as a side-effect, the "false error messages" about empty values on multi-line tags with first line left empty are gone)
+ added support for automated log rotation. By default this is disabled; to activate it take a look at the new keywords "maxkbytes" and "backupcount" in the "Logging" section
+ added feature to capture non-handled Python warnings and make them obey the configured log level. This is disabled by default and only works with Python 2.7 and above - see the new keyword "capture_warnings" in the "Logging" section. Note: Since the highest Python version installed here is 2.6.5, I was not able to test this - so reports are welcome ;)
v3.7.5 (22.08.2010)
+ adding size details to forms pages
+ new javadoc tag @testcase to define unit-tests
+ added unit test XML export
+ added demo script to create PL/SQL unit tests from the XML exports
v3.7.0 (08.08.2010)
+ Todos/Bugs are now also collected from forms
+ new keyword verification.stats_javadoc_forms (0/1) lets you include forms todo/bug count within the javadoc stats on the code stats page
+ javadoc verification is now available for Oracle Forms program units as well (partially - no parameter validation yet). To enable, set the new keyword verification.verify_forms to 1 (it is disabled by default)
! missing @return made verification crash
! source code links for forms themselves where routed to line 0, which does not exist
* file_size_limit for forms now is bound to the PL/SQL code size instead of file size, as this is the "included source code"
! javadoc evaluator crashed the script when an object was defined without name being specified
! fixed a typo causing the script to crash on stand-alone functions
! trailing brackets on object names (e.g. "CREATE TABLE dummy(") caused crashes on where_used scan
! form files have been accidentally included in file size and lines stats
v3.6.0 (14.07.2010)
* reorganized core libraries. Some have been outsourced to a separate package iz_tools, as they contain quite generic stuff only
* changed the previously hardcoded hash-bang python from "/usr/bin/python" to "/usr/bin/env python", to let the (*nix) system decide which executable to run
+ bunch of keywords and types added for syntax highlighting (requires cleaning the code cache to have effect for unchanged files if using the cache)
+ some improvements concerning the processing Oracle Forms
* links on form details page fixed up
+ more details on forms: package functions/procedures are now listed - provided they have javadoc information attached
! lists on full-form-index were messed up
- removed trigger listings from full-form-index (they make no sense here)
v3.5.5 (13.06.2010)
+ added support for stand-alone functions and procedures
+ added full form listing (analogue to the full package listing with funcs etc.)
+ new config keyword include_source_limit: Limit inclusion of source code by file size (default: '0' = unlimited, emulating behavior of previous versions)
+ more details for Oracle Forms included in output
v3.5.0 (02.06.2010)
+ added basic support for Oracle Forms, which need to be converted to XML before they can be processed by HyperSQL (for *nix users, doc/frmf2xml.sh is provided for the conversion - which requires the Forms developer being installed)
+ added javadoc tag @form
+ files removed from their locations in the source tree now also get automatically removed from cache
+ added comment on code stats page concerning the non-inclusion of @form stats
v3.4.0 (26.05.2010)
+ added support for triggers (incl. Javadoc tag @trigger)
* COMMENT ON ignores for where_used completed (now also ignoring e.g. MViews)
* some more code cleanup and optimization (scanning source for objects)
! missing desc for function/procedure parameters was always marked in verification, regardless whether 'desc' should have been checked (mandatory_tags where ignored)
+ columns (@col) are now also checked against mandatory_tags
v3.3.3 (23.05.2010)
* Tasklists (Bug/Todo/Verification) should now be able to tell overloaded functions/procedures apart
! author in tasklists (if enabled) was not always updated correctly
+ new javadoc tag @used
* if no where/what used found, manually marks (@used/@uses) are evaluated and indicated by '@' in the lists
v3.3.0 (19.05.2010)
* usage scan now ignores ALTER (TABLE|SYNONYM) as this is no real usage. Same for COMMENT ON (TABLE|COLUMN), CREATE INDEX, GRANT, and PROMPT
* bug, todo, and validation items for tables, (m)views, synonyms, and sequences are now added to the global bug/todo/validation lists
* reworked the where_used scan. You may not notice anything with smaller projects - but the speedup factor on larger projects reaches 10+ (with our main project - 192 files, 2.2MB, ~900 objects - processing time decreased from about 38min to less than 2min, which is about factor 20!)
* shortref scan (process.whereused_scan_shortrefs) is now much more reliable
v3.2.5 (12.05.2010)
+ added support vor materialized views and tables
! columns block was shown in Javadoc HTML even when no cols had been specified
* adjusted legend on object graphs
+ javadoc: made parameter and column lists better readable
* some adjustments to the dependency graphs and dependency scans
* CSS file and project logo are now copied to HTML dir at the very beginning (so if processing a large project, already finished files already display correctly)
v3.2.0 (09.05.2010)
+ added option to show author information for the items on bug/todo/verification reports
+ all graph colors are now configurable
* default graph color scheme has changed (it was far too much red in the old one). Now there are kind of color groups: Blueish for program objects, brownish for data, everything else for the rest.
+ added JavaDoc tag @col (column) - for now only accepted for views, lateron it will of course be used for materialized views and tables as well
v3.1.5 (02.05.2010)
! Javadoc for sequences was ignored
* dependencies/usage: Sequences are not using any other objects
* some code compacting
! fixed "empty objects" in dependency graph (probably introduced by last release)
! percentage for sequences and synonyms on stats page was wrong
* handling of double-quoted object names (i.e. 'CREATE TABLE "DUMMY"')
v3.1.0 (28.04.2010)
* reworked the javadoc module to make it independent from the main script and, at the same time, more flexible in terms of handling new object tags
+ added support for synonyms (JavaDoc tag: @synonym) and sequences (@sequence)
+ colors for object graphs (statistics and dependency graphs) are now configurable
! fixing another issue with the code highlighter (concerning HTML contained in source files)
* some more internal changes and minor fixes
v3.0.0 (25.04.2010)
! cache purge crashed due to incomplete file name
! fixed a minor problem with the syntax highlighter and HTML entitities
+ extended the sql.keywords list for syntax highlighing
* systools.is_what now returns the object type directly (if possible)
v2.9.5 (21.04.2010)
! some fixes concerning views
+ including JavaDoc info for views on sourcepages
* some more exception handling
+ object lists are now sorted by name, so it's easier to find the object looked for
! fixed some (rarely occuring) DivisionByZero errors on stats creation
v2.9.0 (14.04.2010)
! what_used pages linked to calling object (instead of to the called object)
+ hyperlinking calls to called object in source code (only for funcs/procs)
* lowering log level for javadoc verification from WARNING to INFO
! code highlighter had problems with some strings
* outsourced common part of gettext initialization to its own file
+ added support for a bunch of commandline options (far too many to mention them all here)
+ added cmd opts --quiet and --cron
* replacing all occurences of "eval ('object.'+var)" with "object.__getattribute__(var)"
+ what_used was missing in function/procedure and view list
+ new option to define whether findings on javadoc verification should be logged
v2.8.0 (11.04.2010)
+ syntax highlighter now uses regexp to split the lines (better accuracy now)
+ syntax highlighter does now recognize keywords containing parenthesis, e.g. VARCHAR2(255)
+ syntax highlighter now also cares for numbers and strings
+ establishing some caching to speed up things (wow: factor ~200 for the highlighter when found in cache, and even ~300 for dependency graphs on average!) Caching is enabled by default, which reduces the average processing time up to ~50%. If you want it disabled, add "cache = 0" in your .ini files "Process" section.
v2.7.0 (07.04.2010)
+ added what_used
! fixed some more false positives in usage reference
! javadoc verification was partly broken (missed the missing descriptions)
v2.6.5 (04.04.2010)
+ where_used pages now also list the name of calling objects and link to their JavaDoc reference (if possible/available)
* alternating row colors now also in where_used tables
! worked around some possible division by zero errors
v2.6.0 (31.03.2010)
+ added smarter progress bar
* some adjustments for depgraph.set_charset
+ drawing up to 4 depgraphs now (file2file, file2object, object2file, object2object)
* graphviz default processor changed to fdp
* excluding private objects from depgraph
- dropped config parameter depgraph.ranksep
+ added config parameters in section DepGraph: ranksep_dot, ranksep_twopi, len_fdp, len_neato, mindist_circo
* graphviz cmdline now logged at debug level (instead of info)
+ added deltmp var to depgraph class (plus corresponding DepGraph.deltmp)
v2.5.0 (28.03.2010)
+ new module systools created for misc. system stuff like opening files etc.
+ new config var: process.javadoc (whether JavaDoc should be evaluated), default 1
+ dependency graph added (still needs some more tweaking)
* removed the last remaining "tabs" from code - so there shouldn't be any "indentation errors" anymore (as have been reported for some systems)
v2.4.0 (24.03.2010)
+ added gettext support
+ added locales (currently only en_US and de_DE - all other de_* simply link to the latter, en_* to the former)
+ added new JavaDoc tags @since, @ignore, @uses, @throws
* some code hardening for codecs stuff
v2.3.0 (21.03.2010)
+ where_used links and alternating row colors in file pages
+ "describing" JavaDoc elements (with just one "text" option) can now be used repeatedly for the same object (e.g. multiple todo items)
* optimized where_used scan and full package list creation (less code now)
v2.2.0 (17.03.2010)
+ basic verification of function/procedure parameters against JavaDoc (parameter count)
+ added pie charts to the stats page
+ added object and javadoc statistics to stats page
+ row colors are now alternating to make long lists better readable
v2.1.0 (14.03.2010)
+ added basic JavaDoc verification stuff - now you can define mandatory tags!
* new config section [Verification] with keywords verify_javadoc = 0|1, mandatory_tags = tag1 tag2..., and javadoc_mandatory
* new page 'report' for the verification report
* failures are logged at WARNING level (if verify_javadoc = 1) if enabled, this will also check for missing names and descriptions, plus for missing return values of functions
+ calculating "lines of code" and some more statistics. The former will at least be logged (at INFO level) - but a statistics page can be enabled via the config.
! hopefully fixed "local where_used" stuff to be more precise
v2.0.0 (10.03.2010)
! function/procedure JavaDoc links missing in full package list
* some more (internal) code documentation and reorganization
+ marking functions/procedures public/private in the overview of packages when JavaDoc has been set up for them.
+ code highlighter now handles block comments (/*..*/)
* JavaDoc Syntax element was too verbose
* shortref scan was logging too verbose
v1.10.0 (06.03.2010)
* adapted a patch made against Randys original code on 07/12/2005 by Matthias Schade, which lets the code parser ignore block comments and string contents plus lets it scan for local calls inside package bodies
+ new boolean options in [Process]: whereused_scan_shortrefs, whereused_scan_instring
+ new tags: @ticket, @wiki (options: [General] bugzilla_url, wiki_url - with placeholder for the bug ID resp. wiki page name, so it should be useable with all kind of trackers/wikis.
+ scanning for ticket:123 and wiki:pagename in all JavaDoc text fields and turning this into hyperlinks (if ticket_url and wiki_url are set correspondingly)
! double quotes in second line of JavaDoc caused HyperSQL to crash with a SyntaxError exception
+ added "goto TOP" (TopOfPage) link
* some more code documentation (internal)
v1.9.0 (03.03.2010)
* outsourced config class (HyperConf). Now it reads all available config files, overwriting more common data (default config files) by project specific ones
+ extended the ConfigParser with the IniParser class (which then is extended by HyperConf). This way we can intercept possible user errors (specifiying invalid configuration values) in a better way
+ added logging facility (including a corresponding config section)
! overloading functions/procedures should no longer cause javadoc confusion
v1.8.0 (26.02.2010)
+ added project wide Todo and Bug list (compiled of the JavaDoc @todo and @bug comments) - now you can get an overview over all open tasks!
* cleaning up some clones (centralizing similar code, e.g. creation of index pages for functions/procedures, files with/without path)
- removed the ToDoList from output
+ generated HTML should no be w3c conform - provided you configured the character set of your input files correctly (config file, section General, encoding)
v1.7.0 (23.02.2010)
+ option blind_offset added (to control parsing for "anonymous JavaDoc segments")
* code reorganization: outsourced some code to modules (hyperjdoc, hypercore, hypercode)
+ "describing" JavaDoc elements (with just one "text" option) can now span multiple lines
! converting crash when configured top_level_directory did not exist into a standard exit with proper error message
! fixed the additional empty lines in code listings
+ new keyword include_source (section Process) to make the inclusion of source code optional
v1.6.0 (20.02.2010)
+ added javadoc tag @license
+ missing details added to package info
! some where_used were not found since their lines were considered "having not enough touples" (<2). Disabled that check for now - considering to make it an option in the future
* reorganized configuration and prepared it for some new features planned
+ new keyword project_info_file in the configurations General section (additional content for the start page)
+ added possibility to deactivate unwanted pages
+ Index Page names (as appearing in the links) now are configurable
v1.5.0 (16.02.2010)
+ added Javadoc parsing and creating of Javadoc documentation
+ added some more configuration options
+ added more documentation (especially for Javadoc and configuration)
! some formatting issues fixed
* reworked main index (startpage)
v1.3.0 (10.02.2010)
+ adding more code comments for better code documentation
+ adding apidoc (doc/apidoc/*), including a tiny shell script to generate it
+ added very basic syntax highlighting to the (SQL) source code presentation
! source code had been included into the page without escaping HTML chars, which sometimes lead to strange behavior in the browser
v1.2 (10.02.2010)
+ improved config parser: now the .ini file does not have to contain all keywords
+ implemented fallback on search for the config file. Now searches for the project specific file (the new optional command line parameter + '.ini') first, then lowercase filename, then HyperSQL.ini (plus lowercase), and finally falls back to internally defined defaults
v1.1 (09.02.2010)
* updated version by Izzy
+ configuration moved into .ini file
+ optional command line parameter to specify the project (and hence the .ini used)
* completely reworked look-and-feel of the HTML pages created (javadoc like)
v1.0 (09.2001)
* initial version by Randy
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