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Last modified: October 19 2020
v2.5.0 (19.10.2020)
- basic support for donations (buttons for e.g. Bitcoin or Liberapay on book page)
- a bunch of minor fixes
- project moved to Codeberg (footer updated)
- sample configs: change default for scan_dbmode to 'merge' (long overdue, works fine here for 6+ years)
- simple sample config: Monetarization via Amazon is too heavy for "simple". Replaced by new donation model.
- fixing obsoleted preg_replace with corresponding callbacks
- implement Asap's image caching for more privacy (no idea why that was missed in v2.3.0)
- adjust asap_genres.json.sample to PA API 5 (some category names were changed)
- make use of PAAPI5 content language implemented by Asap v0.5.0+
- update search services to https, remove broken ones and add some new
v2.4.0 (03.02.2018)
! fix epub title extraction with multiple DC entries
! fix some broken compares and RegEx warnings
* improved cover detection
* some other small improvements / compatibility adjustments
v2.3.0 (28.12.2016)
+ Integration of ASAP (Amazon Simple API for PHP, https://github.com/IzzySoft/Asap) to replace Amazon Flash Ads
* protect scan scripts from being run by web visitors
* MergeMode is no longer experimental (for years already), so remove that hint
* responsive design improvements
* avoiding error message when initializing logging class w/o log file
+ adding possibility to use static FlattR button for more privacy (dynamic button loads multiple 3rd party JS sources)
! fixing content-type in HTTP response for OPDS
v2.2.0 (21.11.2015)
* scan now cleans up / optimizes database in its final step (VACUUM, REINDEX) for a faster DB
! (hopefully) restored Calibre compatibility (tested with 0.9.16 on Ubuntu 12.04)
* speedup database processing during scan operation by use of some PRAGMAs
* extracting series/series_index from calibre properties if found
* some minor fixes and improvements, cleanup, etc.
v2.1.0 (28.05.2015)
+ adding possibility to skip pages in lists
! Scan: check_xml didn't handle tags spread across multiple lines
+ adding Markdown support
* re-styling the book description area
+ adding classes to deal with metadata in .epub files directly, and a script to extract those
+ support for more cover formats added
* some code reorg and cleanup
+ cover extraction now uses new epub classes, allow for "thumbnailing"
+ added possibility to auto-extract Metadata and book description from epub files. Make sure reading https://github.com/IzzySoft/miniCalOPe/issues/4 before using this!
v2.0.0 (03.04.2015)
* removing lazyness (replacing "{base}/?args" by full "{base}/index.php?args") to speed up processing by avoiding unnecessary Apache subrequests
! last_update in title lists was wrongly set to that of the last book in list
* catch "non-existing book ID exception" to display a clean page pointing this out
! if bookdetails where requested via "name", and no matching book was found, do not show #0 but a correct error page
! search results were not paging correctly (search terms were lost on page switch)
* w3c fix: unescaped entities in booksearch/isbnsearch URLs (and some more)
+ book page: style improvements for mobile devices
+ Let the metadata 'author' tag overwrite the author name taken from the directory name
v1.9.0 (27.10.2013)
+ added optional Amazon ads (decent!) to book details page
+ added search in comments (book descriptions)
* when $booksearchservices are disabled (empty array), suppress the entire booksearch-line on HTML book page
! in global booklist and search results, language was hardcoded ("book von author")
+ adding support for Flattr (see http://flattr.com/)
* XML/OPDS requires tags in XHTML content divs to be all lower-case. Taking care for that now.
! some terms in tpl/opds/index.tpl have been hardcoded instead of using placeholders for translated terms (Mateusz)
! epub files with an apostroph in filename are generating warnings during scan (scan.php; Mateusz)
* permitting more characters in searches, making them wildcards
v1.8.0 (16.02.2013)
! SCAN: Merge crashed when started with empty DB
! fix some logic in merging series
* make alphabetical ordering default for tags
* added viewport-meta to all (HTML) pages, so they should be readable on mobile devices without zooming now
* have authors ordered by name per default
! fixed mime of book download links in OPDS
+ added FB2 to formats list
* replacing "PHP short_tags" with "full tags"
* several updates to the db classes (a.o. to make it work with PHP5/SQLite3 again without additional modules)
v1.7.0 (24.03.2012)
! last change of get_filenames() broke eBook download when book file was replaced but database not (yet) updated, as Content-Length (from database) did no longer match. To prevent this (admittedly rare cases), for Content-Length we revert to filesize()
! if multiple books had the same filename, scan only got the last one
+ SCAN: placing inserts into transactions (speedup inserts by factor 20!)
+ SCAN: added 'merge' mode (still experimental). Using this the scan process tries to figure out what has changed, and merge in these changes - as opposed to the 'rebuild' (as used up to now) which simply drops all information and builds all up from the scratch
v1.6.3 (19.12.2011)
! the alternate "title" (from *.data) broke the download, as title was used to check the filename
! last change of get_filenames() broke eBook download (extension was lost)
* in places where lists could be ordered by date/time, inverted the order to show newest entries first
v1.6.0 (08.12.2011)
+ Support for Amazon Partner-ID in ISBN-Links
+ added check for unencoded '&' in HREFs (when check_xml enabled)
+ optionally generating fake covers if no cover image available (HTML only)
+ added "title" attribute to *.data files to specify books title (if differing from file name)
+ added title search links to HTML view (to search for the selected book by author + title)
+ added check (and "auto-repair") for unescaped & in descriptions (to prevent trouble with XML)
+ make it easy to add more book formats (definitions kept in lib/formats.csv)
! if client transmitted "lang=" (w/o specifying any lang), book download sent a different book than requested
! PDF was using wrong mimetype on download
! download did not consider the "name" url parameter
* WillaMovius has closed (Amazon.DE ISBN Search), so we had to replace it
v1.4.0 (06.05.2011)
* some better input handling for DB storage (escaping etc.)
! book details page was broken for OPDS
* scan no longer aborts when a book title failed (just logs the error and skips the book)
+ added simple XML check for description files
- removed $debug variable from sample configs (no longer used)
v1.3.0 (06.03.2011)
! search template was not committed to repository
! pagination was broken in title list and search results
* wildcards ("*") in search terms truncated the whole term being treated as "vulnerable"
+ added ISBN-links to HTML version
+ more logging details on scan + webif
+ offering search-plugin to Firefox (so search can be triggered from its search bar)
v1.2.0 (21.02.2011)
+ added possibility for "permlinks" using the URL param "name"
* changed URL param "default_prefix" to "prefix" (shorter URL)
+ added search functionality (search form for now HTML only)
+ added OpenSearch support (integrated with OPDS and above search functionality)
+ more cover images detected
+ added and integrated regular logging class
v1.1.0 (30.01.2011)
+ added metadata file support (*.data): books now can have multiple tags, series, isbn...
+ series support: added separate entry point on top-level
+ added localization (English, German)
+ uri, publisher and rating are now also supported in the metadata file
+ added back-links from book details to author and, if available, series
v1.0.0 (21.01.2011)
* first public version
+ OPDS and HTML support
+ Calibre backend support
+ directory support (for own file base)
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