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Last modified: October 08 2007
v0.3.5 (08.10.2007)
* connecting a 10g DB using a 9i client leads to dbms_output.put_line truncating its output after the 254th character (10g doesn't issue an error message any longer until you reach the limit of 32k chars). Applied a work-around to fix this.
+ added some more hints to the table stats (adapted from OSPRep)
+ added Makefile for (un)installation with the make utility. After verifying the WEBROOT (and prefix) setting, you may simply invoke "make install" (resp. "make uninstall") from inside the top-level directory of the unpacked tarball (where the Makefile resides).
v0.3.4 (08.11.2005)
* made the DBWR+LGWR stats more compact (to fit on one page). Additional comments/hints have been moved to online help
* added "related information" to DBWR stats
+ added instance efficiency stats (adapted from OSPRep)
+ added load profile (adapted from OSPRep)
+ added undo statistics (adapted from OSPRep)
+ added resource limits (adapted from OSPRep)
v0.3.3 (24.10.2005)
+ added PGA WorkArea Usage statistics to the PGA Target Advice
* moved the table infos from misc block to table block
! fixed a possible "division by zero" bug in LGWR stats
! PGA Target Advice and Shared Pool Advice sometimes have not been created
+ added "related information" to LGWR stats
+ added online help for table stats and moved most of the comments there (so the report gets a bit more compact)
v0.3.2 (21.09.2005)
+ added LGWR statistics. Switch them on/off with the MK_LGWR parameter in the config file
+ added DBWR statistics. Switch them on/off with the MK_DBWR parameter in the config file.
+ added table stats
v0.3.1 (07.01.2005)
+ script now accepts the command line parameters "-r" to use an alternative report dir and "-o" to use an alternativ output file name
+ the docu and help files as well as the generated reports are now HTML 4.01 conform
v0.3.0 (30.04.2004)
! report was broken again for Oracle < v9 due to use of CASE (introduced with Oracle v9)
* some formatting updates (numbers not displayed correctly when value to high)
v0.2.9 (23.03.2004)
+ enhanced formatting of time and size values throughout the report
* outsourced the formatting functions (for common use with OSPRep)
* Modularization: Wait Events (v$system_event), SYSSTAT Info, User Info, DBLinks, Invalid Objects, Miscellaneous segment
+ added alternative StyleSheet: iceage.css
v0.2.8 (16.03.2004)
+ added closer information on "Go4Colors" to the HTML documentation
+ made the remaining values for warnings/alerts (Go4Colors) configurable
* some updates to the (HTML) documentation
* some formatting (stylesheet) updates
v0.2.7 (10.02.2004)
+ in the TS Quotas block we now highlight rows (quotas) with non-existing tablespaces: these emerge when dropping a tablespace where quotas where explicitely given by the "ALTER USER...QUOTA..." command, and the quotas would automatically activated if a tablespace with that name would be created
* No more empty TSQuotas table (hopefully)
! some blocks have not been closed correctly when an error occured
v0.2.6 (04.02.2004)
+ "Go4Colors Mode": where we can clearly identify problems (e.g. by ratios), the concerning values are now highlighted with red (alert) or yellow (warning) background color of the table cell
! report.sh was broken for Oracle versions <9
* some formatting on the help files plus more detailled information on cursor_sharing
+ write enabled data files that have not AUTOEXTEND ON set and filled more than 85% / 95% are now also highlighted with Go4Colors
v0.2.5 (29.01.2004)
+ added documentation (HTML)
* sometimes the "Wait Objects" table was created empty (Oracle removed the entries between the first check [for the link in the header] and creation of the table). Put a note in instead in these cases ;)
+ added some more details on the buffer waits, plus the optional buffer waits block
+ added "Chained-Fetch-Ratio" to "Sysstat Info" block
+ added block on "FreeList Contention"
v0.2.4 (23.01.2004)
* Modularization: made some blocks optional (see the "config" file): Rollback Segment Stats, Data Files, Memory Values, common Pool information, Enqueue Waits
+ new command line parameter "-c" to specify alternative config file
* some code cleanup
v0.2.3 (20.01.2004)
+ added extended resource plan report for Oracle 9i
* made resource plan report an optional element (see the "config" file)
+ added TableSpace Quotas (optional)
+ added DBA Profiles (optional)
+ enhanced command line syntax: now you can override some of the default options from the "config" file (e.g. user, passwd) at the command line (thanx to Manuel Soriano for this suggestion incl. code)
v0.2.2 (15.01.2004)
+ more details on row locks and I/O wait objects
+ more details on avoiding buffer busy waits
+ added PctWait and PctFailed to enqueue waits (Oracle 9+)
+ added profile and initial resource group to user info
+ added reports on resource management
v0.2.1 (13.01.2004)
+ added hints on ASSM to avoid freelist contention (buffer busy waits)
* some formatting issues
+ added (external) help on row locks
* buffer pool stats table is now only drawn if data exist for it
+ added link to advices to page head (if exists)
v0.2.0 (05.01.2004)
+ more detailed hints on the enqueue wait event
* some cosmetical changes to some of the external help files (formating issues)
+ more details on the log buffer size
+ advices for rollback segments plus external help
+ adding external help file on user information
* some cosmetical changes (text formatting)
v0.1.9 (17.12.2003)
+ added own help icon (used one from the Apache installation up to now)
+ made the description for row migration more verbose (don't worry, it is in an external help file now ;)
+ added to the description for the wait events "latch free", "buffer busy waits", "enqueue", "free buffer waits", latch waits, "log buffer space", and "log file switch"
v0.1.8 (10.12.2003)
+ restricted the count of tables with less than 10% free blocks (reported at the very end of the page) to TOP_N_TABLES (new config var)
+ added enqueue stats
+ added enqueue type descs plus tuning hints
+ outsourced long hints/descs to external help files via popup on demand
+ updated installation instructions in doc/readme.txt
v0.1.7 (03.12.2003)
+ make use of the much more detailed information on objects causing waits in Oracle 9 Release 2 -- for this, outsourced the block and did some ReOrg
+ added DB Cache advice (needs "db_cache_advice=ready" in the init.ora to show results), Shared Pool Advice and PGA Target Advice (the latter two only show results with Oracle 9 Release 2 and higher, since the views are not available in earlier versions)
+ Supressed empty tables which sometimes appeared when no data available for certain stats; the according link on top of the page is also removed in these cases
v0.1.6 (27.11.2003)
+ added DBLinks w/ check whether active or not
+ added "buffer busy waits" plus more description
+ made the disksort stats (in SYSSTAT Info) more precise
+ made description on migrated rows more precise
+ updated desc for free buffer waits
+ separated the config from the script to ease updates
v0.1.5 (18.11.2003)
+ in "Selected Wait Events", Avg Waited is now more precise (while the system view only tells full seconds, we calculate it now ourselves - it's now reported in milliseconds instead of only full seconds)
+ many numerical values are now presented in a better readable format
+ added RPP column for Library Cache stats
v0.1.4 (13.11.2003)
+ added some more comments
+ added wait event "enqueue"
+ optimization: created procedure to retrieve the wait event stats
+ optimization: created procedure print() as wrapper to dbms_output.put_line()
! temporary TS was not considered for Data Files statistics
+ added more wait events: "log buffer space", "log file * write", "SQL*Net message to client|dblink", "undo segment extension", "free buffer waits"
+ optimization: created procedure systat_per() for sysstat info
! value for "summed dirty queue length/write requests" was miscalculated when "write requests" was NULL
+ optimization: created procedure poolsize() for "Pool Sizes"
* moved some hardcoded font formatting to stylesheet
v0.1.3 (06.11.2003) small enhancements:
+ Selected Wait Events block now contains more detailed stats like AvgWaitTime
+ Added "Invalid Objects" block
v0.1.2 (31.10.2003) small enhancements:
+ in the "Data Files" block, statistics are now grouped by data files instead of listing up each segment separately
+ some comments/recommendations are now more precise
+ for the wait events, objects that caused them (at the time the report was generated) are listed
+ added more hints/comments
+ added version info to the syntax header
v0.1.1 (28.10.2003) small fixes:
! fixed a "division by zero" error rarely occuring on freepct check for tables
+ added progInfo footer with link to web site of IzzySoft (e.g. for retrieving updates of this little tool ;)
+ added instance startup time and uptime to Common Instance Information
! fixed "invalid number error" occuring when sizes in the DB haven't been declared in bytes but as e.g. "5M"
! in datafile statistics, when a datafile was filled more than 99.99%, the pctused column got the value '######' for this row
v0.1.0 (19.01.2003)
* initial version (first release)
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