History for phpVideoPro

Last modified: February 02 2018
! fixed possible XSS
! fixed some minor compatibility issues
! fixed several PHP Notices 0.9.7 (09.05.2010)
+ making sections on the configuration page able to collaps and expand
* adjusted IMDB sites to their new domains
+ MoviePilot options added to database and configuration screen.
+ Now the user can decide for the MDB site to retrieve data from (IMDB and/or MoviePilot).
- us.imdb.com lately caused nothing but trouble, so we removed it from our settings
* minor facelifting for the applicat template set
! the "add new" link on the useradmin screen did not bring up the correct form
! fixing up some JavaScript warnings
! with PHP 5.3+, cookies are now longer registered with $_REQUEST which caused the session id to be missed
v0.9.6 (25.04.2010)
! when the WYSIWYG editor was switched on, comment data have not been transfered from the IMDBSearch window.
! staff lists had been broken - again the table names, hopefully for the last time!
* minor changes to better support the next generation of imdbphp (imdbphp2)
* changed all short_open tags to full_open tags due to problems with PHP defaults on SuSE systems
+ established some basic debug logging to file for support cases
v0.9.5 (25.02.2009)
* protected the users "admin", "guest", and "PUBLIC" against deletion (since they are essential for the system). Moreover, their logins cannot be changed.
* reworked the "About" page, made it much shorter (all that content is already on the project site)
* updated project page URL
+ backups can now be directly stored on the server - provided the web server process has write permission on the backup directory configured
+ users now can create their own movie backups and restore from them - of course only when the admin permits this
! bunch of tiny fixes - a.o. again the renamed tables stuff (hope now we got them all!)
+ experimental support for SQLite added (BEWARE: not yet fully tested!)
v0.9.4 (12.02.2008)
! some SQL statements missed to be updated on latest table rename
+ integrated WYSIWYG editor for text areas (enabled for movie comments only now)
* excluding ".svn" directories when examining available template sets
+ added possibility to only backup a given users movies (admin->backup_db). Similarly, a movie restore can be restricted to a given user, and ownership of records can even be transfered to a different user.
* backup compression is now enabled by default if gz support was detected. If there is no gz support, the checkbox is disabled.
* restore: movies with unknown/undefined owner are owned to "admin" now (so the admin user later can decide what to do with them)
v0.9.3 (20.01.2008)
* removed development history from help pages and converted it to a plain ChangeLog to be used by HistView. This makes file releases easier and prevent forgotten link updates on the download pages due to automatization.
+ added imdb-id to crew members tables. This will be inserted when retrieving data from imdb sites (including the scripts from the pvptools package). If available, these enable direct linking to the corresponding imdb pages.
* completed table renaming: All tables now have the prefix "pvp_"
+ simplified category deletion for categories still in use: Action is now selectable to either bulk-update all affected movies to a selected new category, do it separately for each movie - or do nothing
v0.9.2 (22.04.2008)
! admin_orphans was not performing the delete of orphans (global variable issue)
+ added more vulnerability checks to the "edit disk types" page
- removed the IMDB classes from the phpvideopro code. Instead, THE IMDBPHP PACKAGE NOW IS A PRE-REQUISITE (REQUIREMENT) FOR THE PHPVIDEOPRO INSTALLATION. This way we can benefit from the latest imdbphp code (e.g. after IMDB site changes) without the need of making an intermediate release of phpvideopro itself just for that.
+ when using akas.imdb.com as alternative IMDB site, the alternative movie titles now also show their language along - and if that matches your primary language, the entry is highlighted. This makes it easier for you to identify the movie title in your language.
+ added more protection against hacker attempts to the admin pages
! fixed problem with the shortkeys in translation editor (updates failed and destroyed data from first page)
v0.9.1 (25.03.2008)
+ added label preview to PSLabel selection
+ added PSPack preview to PSLabel installation so you see what to expect
! when editing PSLabelPacks, some labels showed up multiple times - fixed.
+ when printing PSLabels, you can now filter available templates by PSLabelPack
* updated imdb class to latest code from the IMDBPHP project
+ imdbsearch now allows search for tv episodes
! URL replacements ([url] and [img] tags) got messed up when there have been multiple of them in one line - fixed.
v0.9.0 (27.12.2007)
+ search form now allows % sign (wildcard) for name, title and comment
* base_path and base_url are now also correctly calculated if there are symlinks in the path
* updated imdb class code from imdbphp and applied some code fixes
+ added letter shortcuts in translation editor
+ enhanced syntax for [url] and [img] (see online help)
* adjusted URLs to project site (due to site changes)
! base_path was incorrectly resolved for the setup pages
v0.8.8 (26.06.2007)
+ added http_auth (.htaccess) user identification
+ added more PSLabel templates (Zweckform and Data Becker CD/DVD Labels)
+ new preference for default pre-selection of most used PSLabel template
+ added specs for Brother MFC printers to PSLabel settings
* some work-arounds for PHP5 bug when assigning objects to arrays (PHP5 passes them as reference, so this ends up by an array with the correct size - but all elements have the same content)
! fixed vulnerability: SessionID was used to inject code
v0.8.7 (14.03.2007)
! separators broke menu in MSIE, so we do not use them anymore for it (but still use them in other browsers)
+ in PSLabel administration, you now can install/remove label packs
- (PS)Label Templates are now removed from the applications archive and distributed separately (keeps the archive smaller for updates). As you may see from the previous point, you also can download/install/remove them from within the application now.
! admin orphaned files page was a bit screwed up - fixed.
* IMDB code updated again from the latest release of IMDBPHP
v0.8.6 (26.02.2007)
+ IMDB info now also contains the plot outline as first comment
! in menu, link to "Admin PSTemplates" was broken
* updated the "engine" of the help system with the code of the latest iFAQMaker release
* changed pslabel structs to support label packs
* again issues with IMDB site changes
v0.8.5 (18.02.2007)
* now hopefully preventing possible staff orphaning on updates (when removing/replacing staff members from movie entries)
! with postgeSQL, upgrading from v0.8.1 failed due to some spelling errors in the v0.8.2 upgrade script - fixed (Tnx to Kresten!)
+ added simple PS-Labels for CD/DVD
! change_medianr in some cases forgot to update media table
v0.8.4 (15.01.2007)
! fixed the imdb class once again (rating was broken)
* made movie search on title, actor and director explicitely case insensitive (i.e. now also for PostgreSQL)
* hiding obsolete fields on edit screen (e.g. free space for no-tapes)
! somehow the counter for tapes disappeared and nobody noticed ;)
* click on title on the "view entry" screen now directly links to the movies IMDB page (instead of the IMDB search page) if ID is known
! on the admin->clean orphans page, nothing happened on submit when register_globals=off - fixed.
! movies w/o akas (alternative names) caused error message on imdbsearch - fixed.
! when adding a movie which had a RegionCode set, some PHP error was displayed - fixed.
! on deletion of last movie from a medium, deletion of the mediums entry itself was not working properly - fixed.
v0.8.3 (08.01.2007)
* replaced the old-fashioned menu by a more modern version
+ medialist now allows revers ordering by columns (change sort order direction by clicking on the column header again)
+ new column in medialist: last change date to a movie record lets you find the most/least recent changed/added records (only changes made with v0.8.2 or later will have a date in that column)
+ new column in medialist: rating (you now also can sort by this)
+ movie search now also supports rating and lastchange
* updated some of the online help pages
v0.8.2 (04.01.2007)
+ now supporting video norm (PAL/NTSC) setting for each movie
+ movies now can be marked "private" (only shown to owner, even if grants exists to others)
! duplicate check *may* break with v0.8.1 due to orphaned movies (missing entries in the media table). If upgrading to v0.8.2 from a version prior to v0.8.1, this will be automatically fixed. Everybody else, please go to the admin->orphaned entries screen and fix it there
! With the IMDB class, the guys again broke the image retrieval. Fixed.
+ now also storing the IMDB ID in our DB if movie data have been retrieved from there. Will be used for lookups later.
! hopefully fixed most of the display problems with Hebrew
+ added movie rating (initial values can be retrieved from IMDB)
* "admin orphaned entries" now also cares for movies w/o owner
v0.8.1 (17.12.2006)
! in medium.php, the length field was duplicated. Fixed.
* replaced the cass table by the new pvp_media table supporting more media information such as owner, where it is stored, and whom it is lent to
+ medium.php now shows more info on the medium plus allows editing them (guess what - just what we added to the pvp_media table)
+ on user deletion, you now have the choice to also delete all the users media (and movies) or, alternatively, transfer their ownership to one of the other users
* duplicate list now also shows owner for each entry
* add_movie & get_movie now cater for the new properties (owner, storeplace, lentto). So also the backup/restore should consider these (not thoroughly tested - reports welcome!). Restore will not yet work correctly into a databse with different user settings!
+ added vulnerability check to backup and dupecheck pages
+ two new dupecheck types: "only my own" and "only my own + strict"
+ added help page for the dupe checks
* medialist now only displays records the user has permission on. A restriction to e.g. only own records is now possible via the filter settings.
- the separate change_rc and change_disktype pages have been removed. Their functionality is now part of the medium.php page
* on the screen displaying the movie details (aka "view_entry"), the edit/delete buttons now are only created if the permissions required to perform those actions are granted to the logged-in user
* updated translations: Russian, Dutch
+ added translations: Portuguese (Thanx to Filipe Marques), Danish (Thanx to Kresten Kjeldgaard)
! on the search page, chosing a media type resulted in error page
v0.8.0 (10.10.2006)
! PSLabels have not been working when register_globals=off
! Setup of filters was partly broken (duh, and nobody noticed ;)
+ added vulnerability and plausibility checks to more pages
+ added a sample .htaccess file (named .htaccess_sample) to the setup/install/ directory. It contains information on how to protect your installation against unauthorized access of the install wizard.
! using French translations, adding new entries was impossible (translation broke JavaScript code). Fixed - but you need to re-load the French translations for this.
v0.7.9 (16.08.2006)
! for a fresh installation, command to create the config.inc was incomplete
! fresh installation failed with $database["host"] = "localhost" and MySQL
+ added JavaScript plausibility check for fsk, len, etc. to several forms
! IMDB site again made some changes (actors list). So we keep up with that...
+ added an .htaccess file to provide the recommended settings. Note that this requires the option "AllowOverride Options" or "AllowOverride All" for the installation directory in your apache config
* updated the doc/README to reflect this (.htaccess)
v0.7.8 (28.07.2006)
+ added missing auth check to medium.php
! kickoff (on auth failure) sometimes lead to "broken pages" (e.g. when trying to edit an entry without being logged in)
* edit.php (and new.php) now redirect to index instead of displaying errors when called w/o parameters
! fixed IMDB handling due to changes on the IMDB site again
+ added some vulnerability checks. If they cause problems, just go to the inc/includes.inc and comment out the include command for vul_check.inc
v0.7.7 (29.05.2005)
+ Added authorization check to stats and search page
* Updated Dutch language file (thanx to Ron!)
! Moviesearch was broken when looking for a director. Fixed.
! Initial installation was broken (call to undefined method). Fixed.
* On initial installation, DB creation can now be skipped (if DB already exists; make sure the privileges fit!)
! Changing user preferences (edit->preferences) using the M$IE resulted in the user being logged out. Fixed.
! When a new category was added (admin->categories), we did not set the main translation (i.e. English was set only if it was prefered lang), so the phrase did not appear in the translation editor (admin->translations). Fixed.
! Disabling of unwanted categories did not work. Fixed.
v0.7.6 (22.04.2005)
! Cancel deletion of a movie record lead to HTML 404 error due to wrong path. Fixed.
+ added preferences for default screen format and default audio language
* help menu now also contains link to project homepage
* added FSK/PG to media list
+ added (optional) bubble help (see configuration page)
* when transfering data searched with the IMDB, now made sure that there was a numeric value chosen for FSK/PG (see online help for details).
* on cleaning orphaned image files (see admin menu), (sub)directories have been handled as files. Now they are ignored.
! same location: on missing permissions (e.g. files belonging to a user other than the webserver, and the latter is not allowed to delete them) a bunch of PHP errormessages have been displayed. Fixed.
+ added a _STRICT_ duplicate check. Other than with the "normal" check, this considers two movies *not* as duplicates if their data FSK/PG (intended audience) or year (maybe a new version/remake) differs
v0.7.5 (13.04.2005)
! IMDBSearch details page was blocked due to last changes. Fixed.
* Making the IMDB caching function of phpVideoPro available to the user (up to know, it was only used by the developers and hence missing on the configuration screen). Note that only the admin can control it.
+ Added auto-purging for IMDB cache (optional and configurable)
+ Added admin page for cleaning up orphaned images
+ added code for table locking to the backup (class xfer). Left it disabled since MySQL has problems to correctly identify a locked table refered to with an alias (e.g. "SELECT...FROM my_table m" results in "error: table m not locked" even if my_table is locked -- tried only with MySQL 4.0.18). If you want play with it (e.g. with PostgreSQL or a newer release of MySQL), you may just change the default for $lock_db in the constructor of the xfer class (inc/class.xfer.inc).
v0.7.4 (10.04.2005)
! Fixed a typo in the setup wizzard (SQL syntax on Grant)
! In some rare cases, URLs have been set up incorrectly. Fixed.
! Movie list returned by the IMDB search sometimes had the movie titles messed up - hopefully finally fixed.
+ Added search by IMDB ID to the IMDB movie search
* Changed the search specifications given to imdb to obtain more results (with the old specs we sometimes got no result even if there were matching entries)
* If the IMDB returned no hits for our search this ended up in an empty result table. Now we say what happened ;)
+ Added reset button to initial IMDB search screen
* inc/config.inc is now named inc/config.sample in the distribution tarball to avoid accidental overwriting your configuration
v0.7.3 (07.01.2005)
! fixed some warnings occuring with empty DB (e.g. after fresh install)
! IMDB Title search did not work for some movies due to IMDB-internal redirects - hopefully fixed.
+ IMDB transfer: movies tagline, if available, is now added to the comment field
* added advices to the HTML header to turn all caches off (also in Proxies) to work around some strange behaviours of MSIE (optional)
! fixed screwed-up title names in IMDB result list (hopefully no side effects ;)
* whether to close the IMDB TX window on transfer is now based on user preference
+ added context help links (icons) on configuration and backup page
+ IMDB transfer now also handles the composer(s) ("Original Music by...")
v0.7.2 (20.12.2004)
+ added new install wizzard. Now it can create the database and, if necessary, also the user itself - and should after all be a bit more comfortable
* outsourced the update code to its own subdirectory (setup/update/), so you can safeguard both, this and the setup/install/ directory with e.g. a .htaccess file against unauthorized access
+ Now the user can select which data to transfer from the IMDB to the local database. Defaults can be defined via admin-configure (global) and edit-preferences (user-specific).
* Some translation updates (German, Russian, English, French)
! Some language settings have been broken with the last update - fixed it.
! Some minor fix-ups for the IMDB data retrieval
v0.7.1 (12.12.2004)
+ On adding a new/editing an existing entry you now can get the basic values from IMDB!
* updated localized language names - now most of them are available
v0.7.0 (01.12.2004)
! fixed some more "PHP notices" (add/delete/move entries)
* now using the FAQ class (from iFAQMaker) to parse the help files
* Italian and French translations now up-to-date - thanks to Lorenzo and Didier
! Update from < v0.6.1 as well as fresh install was broken for PostgreSQL - fixed (thanks to Didier)
* language names are now displayed using their native names and spelling (translation still given in brackets) - so if somebody accidentally changed the "prefered language" it should be easier to find "the way back" to a language he can read ;)
v0.6.11 (21.11.2004)
* replaced some *.png files by *.gif pendants for correct transparency in all browsers (e.g. M$IE)
* cleaned up CSS -- the stylesheet files are now no longer "included" with the HTML code but "linked to"
* a lot of HTML cleanup to get as close as possible to the HTML 4.01 standard. This is mainly done to avoid browser quirks (not for prestige ;)
* Italian translations updated (thanx to Lorenzo!)
v0.6.10 (12.11.2004)
* updated Dutch translations (Thanx to Ron Dekker)
! hopefully fixed all of the PHP notices (due to uninitialized vars etc.)
* added ALT tags to most images (where missing)
* some more changes to make generated code more HTML 4.01 compliant
! when using a password manager (e.g. with Mozilla) to store the login data for phpVideoPro, the browser always overwrote the "Login" field in the user editor - fixed.
! when adding a new movie for an already existing medium, the form still offered to select the disk type - fixed together with the RegionCode problem in this case.
v0.6.9 (07.11.2004)
* some work on the edit/view entry screen to get more info without scrolling
* outsourced the backup/restore functionality from admin/backup_db.php to the new xfer class so we can use it from other places, too
+ added system data (config, default preferences & printers) to backup/restore page
! on a forced login (e.g. due to session timeout or missing privileges) the redirection to the originally requested page did still not work with register_globals=off - fixed.
+ added backup/restore for categories
* updated Dutch translations (Thanx to Ron Dekker)
! cancel on editing a new entry lead to page with an "empty entry". Fixed.
+ added "baloon-help" to the title buttons of the Applicat template set
* starting with code cleanup ("feature freeze" until v0.7.0 is released)
v0.6.8 (31.10.2004)
* categories on the search and filter screen are now sorted by their translated name instead of the internal name
! last fix on stats (v0.6.7) restricted rankings to "Top 1" (instead "Top 3")
+ added some intro for new users to the initial screen. This intro can be switched of on a per-user-based preference (via the edit->preferences screen)
* Decision on whether to use cookies is now made based on cookies->active. I.e. if the browser does not support cookies (or the user decided so), phpVideoPro will detect and honor this. The result in this case should be that there are no longer multiple cookie requests on a single page. Nevertheless, since HTTP is stateless phpVideoPro will check that once at the beginning of every page (i.e., the result is not stored anywhere).
* if the form on the initial page (jump-to-entry) is submitted without any part of the media number, the request is routed to the corresponding result list of the search screen now (i.e. a list of all movies on the given media type is displayed)
* some "first-time-visitors" did not notice the menu bar and thus did not know how to navigate (which was the reason for the "initial newbie text"). Now added a small icon to the start of the menu bar to draw the attention
! fixed a logic error in detecting whether user supports cookies which resulted in a failure every 2nd try
v0.6.7 (26.10.2004)
! first/last entry was broken if first/last mtype contained no media
* base_path and base_url no longer need to be specified in inc/config.inc
* bunch of changes to finally get phpVideoPro running with register_globals=Off
! on adding/updating a movie, staff information got lost if name or firstname were empty
* some cleanup and information update in the doc/ and setup/ directories
! statistic page hung in endless loop on gathering staff stats when no staff members have been entered to the DB
! the "search movies" form skipped movies without comment/title even if you did not specify comment/title in the search form
! with register_globals=off AND cookies disabled, some pages just kicked the user off - fixed.
v0.6.6 (15.10.2004)
* some code cleanup: made it more strict to prevent some "notices" (aka "unimportant warnings") from PHP
+ added fields for audio and subtitle tracks to movie data
+ added audio and subtitle to search function
! sometimes the link to the previous movie (in view_entry) was broken (especially when "part 1" of a medium was missing and MySQL used). Fixed.
! if there were holes in the mtype id chain (e.g. highest id 6, but 4 not set) this caused problems with prev/nextentry. Fixed.
* the restore function of the Database Backup (admin section) is now also able to add to existing entries (until now, you had to remove existing data before restoring or did run into error messages otherwise). It does, however, not check the import file for entries that already exist in the DB but appends all contained data, starting with the "last entry +1" media number for each media type. New media types are created if necessary, new languages for audio and subtitles will be activated if needed.
* updated Russian translations (still waiting for your feedback - my Russian is just basic)
v0.6.5 (21.09.2004)
* converted help system to utf-8
* converted label systems to utf-8 (will only work for characters contained within the iso-8859-15 for now, sorry)
* updated contents of (English and German) help files. Still need volunteers for the other languages! It's an easy job, so come on, help me out...
! fresh install failed on categories - fixed.
* minor updates to documentation (doc/README and in setup/install.php)
v0.6.4 (05.09.2004)
* added some indices to the database to speed up certain processes
* added count for each media type to stats page
* context help for the initial page was missing - added.
+ added links to first and last movies on the "view entry" screen
! on the "change disktype" page, submit button was outside the form (i.e. not working)
* minor changes to the formatting of the comments field when viewing an entry
! On changing the MediaNr we did not check whether the target already existed, so if, it was simply orverwritten! Fixed.
v0.6.3 (24.08.2004)
! search function crashed if searched for a non-existing staff member - fixed.
! non-latin charsets (e.g. UTF-8) completely messed up the browsers display - fixed.
* updated Russian translations (please correct my mistakes if any ;)
* converted all (DB/help files/language files) content to UTF-8 - hopefully this way we finally got rid of all those stupid charset problems!
v0.6.2 (01.06.2004)
! on a new installation, the pvp_options table (introduced with v0.6.1) was not created
+ unused categories can now be disabled (hidden)
* user-based preferences are now stored into (and read from) a special table if no cookies are used (either disabled in the setup or not supported from the browser/user). This way system defaults should in no case be overwritten any more.
+ search results are now sortable by clicking on the table header (as expected)
v0.6.1 (18.05.2004)
* IMDB site for reference lookups is now configurable as a preference. If you know additional IMDB sites with the same query syntax, please drop me a note!
+ logged-in user now can view his/her account data and modify his/her password by clicking on the user info link in the menu bar (not available with Netscape < v6)
! Pressing the "Cancel" button of the prompt for the media number for a new entry (menu Edit->New...) no longer results in an error
* the Restore function should now take care for new categories - which may be important if you import data from a different installation where new categories may have been added. For this we refer to the categories internal name - so be again warned here not to change that one for existing entries ;)
* some updates on the Applicat template set (minor fixes for Mozilla quirks)
* added more (missing) descriptions for the translation editor
* brought the help pages (English and German) up-to-date
v0.6.0 (16.05.2004)
* updated French language file (supplied by Didier CLERC)
* forgot to remove some debug code with the last release (edit menu)
! solved problem in category editor with category names containing single quotes (patch supplied by Didier CLERC)
* menu now stays fixed on top of screen (as long as the browser supports the CSS setting ;)
* moved some CSS and JavaScript definitions to external files
* fixed some problems concerning template sets
+ added new template set: Applicat should be more user friendly by e.g. offering short-keys to some menu items like context help, initial page and logoff
* menu bar now contains login info (either logged-in user or not-logged-in info)
* movie backup files created via the admin->backup menu will now have the backup date in their names for easier handling
! fixed the problem with redirect not working on forced login (hopefully)
v0.5.8 (12.02.2004)
* when forced to login (e.g. due to missing privileges), browser now is redirected to the original page on successful login
* taperest list now serves best matches first (instead of most free)
* Italian language file updated (tnx to Jason!)
+ added phpVideoPro internal format to the backup page. This should a) solve the restore problems with PostgreSQL (sequences are not considered by current backup) and b) be compatible amongst all (even future) supported databases.
+ added optional compression to all backup types
+ added restore functionality (see backup page). As for now, this presumes identical structure concerning the technical data to work correctly, i.e. the target database must not have any disktypes, categories etc. dropped or the order (id) changed. Moreover, at this stage you must chose to drop all old data before doing a restore - otherwise you will only bump into error messages (due to duplicate MediaNrs). So a complete database backup using the databases own tools (pg_dump, mysql_dump) is still recommended.
v0.5.7 (28.01.2004)
* some adjustments (and fixes) to the PostgreSQL code
! fixed the "implode" error on staff list display with empty DB
* improved order clause for staff lists
* when the primary language is changed via the admin->configuration menu, the user is now asked for a confirmation (JavaScript confirm()) to not accidentally change this here for ALL new users while intending to change it in his/her personal preferences
v0.5.6 (18.12.2003)
! hopefully fixed stafflist crashing with SQL error when no staffmembers found (which is usually the case when starting with a fresh install)
! hopefully fixed the other lists crashing on fresh database since no entries found
! finally fixed problem in get_preventry(): sometimes MySQL seems to return an empty value instead of no result (this only happened if one entered a higher medianr than 1 as first medium of a type). Worked around this.
! language file syntax had changed with v0.5.5 - but we forgot to update some language files to the new syntax (Ouch!) - done.
v0.5.5 (24.11.2003)
* updated Spanish language file (tnx to Jaime)
! some translations have been hardcoded (= not translated) - fixed.
! disktype (e.g. DVD-9) was not displayed correctly when editing an existing entry - fixed.
* updated Russian language file (tnx to masterr)
! if a tape entry was copied into a dvd entry, region code could not be set - fixed.
! copying a movie entry failed if comment contained single quote(s) - fixed
* Translation editor now contains comments on the terms to be translated to help the editor understanding them better
v0.5.4 (02.11.2003)
* available languages in select box on configuration screen are now ordered alphabetically
+ translations for a specific language (except English ;) can now be removed via the configuration screen (admin menu)
* added check to disk type deletion. If you now try to delete a disk type that is still referenced by some media, it will not be deleted anymore. Instead, you will be presented with a list of these media and now can decide to change them and delete the disk type afterwards.
* color settings have been moved to stylesheet and thus are now completely template dependant
! in admin->configuration, date_format could not be changed - fixed.
v0.5.3 (29.09.2003)
+ added delete confirmations to some admin screens that were missing it
! first-time installation missed two columns in cass table since v0.5.1 - fixed.
! fixed endless loop in stats
! fixed some SQL for updates on PostgreSQL (tnx to Peter Bieringer!)
v0.5.2 (07.08.2003)
! finally fixed the menu for NS4 again
! quotation characters should now be handled correctly for movie title and staff member names
! RegionCode could not be unset - fixed.
+ movie technical data now can be edited/administrated (see new item in admin menu)
v0.5.1 (04.07.2003)
+ added support for disk types (such as CD-R[W], DVD-R[W] and DVD+R[W])
* longplay is now only displayed for disk types that support it (i.e. right now only for tapes) or if no disk type is set (i.e. the same plus not updated DVD/VCD entries) - for all others it is automatically set to "No"
+ added support for region codes (DVDs only)
+ added administration page for disk types
* updated help pages concerning these changes
* hopefully worked around the register_globals problem (not tested, so please report to me if you use register_globals=off with phpVideoPro, which is the default since PHP v4.2)
* applied some fix-ups for Netscape 4.x -- still not satisfying. Support for this old browser will stay limited with phpVideoPro; I encourage you to use some newer browser like Mozilla or what ever...
v0.5.0 (27.06.2003)
* since some users experienced problems with the cookie and session management (mostly due to their machines setup), I decided to use different initial settings to be changed by the "admin" after successful installation and application verification: cookies expire with the browser session, phpVideoPros session are set to never expire. You may change those values after the installation has completed, if your setup is fine (problems for these cases only arise if there are differences in the machines time between the server and your client). The setup program gives you more information about this. If you are still unable to log in after a completed installation, search this page for the string "register_globals", since this problem is most probably connected to that issue.
* some improvements on the PS top labels
+ added Session management screen
! on a correct login session was always created for admin (user ID 1) - fixed
! movies could not be inserted/updated when a persons name contained single quotes - fixed
! in some cases the media type was displayed twice in the media number - fixed.
! on submission of some forms session was broken if cookies were disabled - fixed.
! on updating configuration or preferences, unchanged values got duplicated in the database - fixed.
v0.4.8 (01.05.2003)
+ Printers can now be edited (see admin menu)
+ Templates for PSLabels now have a frontend to be managed with (admin menu)
! there was a possibility to access the translation editor w/o admin privs (fixed)
! fix from Michael for the PS Side labels: movie length no longer gets overwritten by ultra-long movie titles
* Michael also supplied more details upon the top labels, as you may know them from the old label system
* applied some corrections plus clean-up to the PS Label images
* updated Russian language file
v0.4.7 (25.04.2003)
+ Made editing for translations easy by a new form in admin menu. If you've added/updated some entries, you may save them to a file and then send them to me for inclusion with future versions! To use this new editor your machine must be set to use the same charset as is used by the language you want to edit (or at least it must have the target language's charset as subset, as e.g. US-ASCII is a subset of ISO-8859-1).
! Matzah was cleaned up with the leaven: almost no tags where allowed in the comment field of a movie. Fixed: Now Bold, Underline, Italics and Center work again.
+ Added "Overview per Medium": on the initial page, when selecting a media type and entering a media number *without a part*, there's now a page displaying all movies on that medium together with some data
* Introducing basic Hebrew support (many thanx to Shalom Pollack for his patient work). This is still experimental, since we've encountered some problems with BiDi in mixed phrases (Hebrew phrases containing English words) etc. that have to be solved.
* A bit database cleanup took place: removed two obsolete tables that remained from the conception phase of PSLabels.
+ Added initial Russian support (thank you, Denis!) - completion on this hopefully follows soon :-)
* Did some cleanup on all ISO-8859-1 language files (wiped out entries that equaled the English fallback value). Wow, that's done easily now with the new translation editor!
* Michael supplied some fixes for the PSLabel system: Long lines are now wrapped to fit on the label, for example
v0.4.6 (19.04.2003)
! media statistics just reported count of r/w media instead of all media - fixed
! hopefully fixed the stupid issue that no semi-colon could be used in field content on imported files, since db::get_sql assumed end-of-sql-command then
! in database backup, semi-colons are no longer replaced by colons now since import of those is fixed by now
+ enhanced backup function (see admin menu): alternatively to a complete database backup, there are two more options now: backup movie relevant data only, and the same plus having the old data purged before execution on a restore
+ on the help pages, you may now force to display the English files. I felt this necessary since help files are not up-to-date for some languages, so some new features may not be described there. Switch to the English help file by clicking on the flag when you feel there's something missing in your languages file. If you are right, feel free to update your languages file and send it to me :-)
+ nesting of [url][img]picture[/img][/url] tags now possible in the way displayed here (not vice-versa ;)
v0.4.5 (11.04.2003)
* This is the "Passover" version for this year: now we clean up with the "Chametz" possibly entered by some users (see first and second item below):
+ Added support for several special tags within the comment field: You now may easily add thumbnails by using the [img] and [imgr] tags (the first just puts the image on the lefthand, the latter on the righthand side). To add an URL to an external reference, you may now use the [href] tag. In all three cases, enclose the target by opening and closing tags, e.g.: [url]http://www.izzysoft.de/[/url]. Until now, phpVideoPro automatically converted all strings that look like an URL into the [url] format (for output only). For that reason, the image links could only refer to *local* images and not to other systems, since otherwise those links would be broken. To prevent this (and make you able to use images from whatever source), I provided a script to update your comments and dropped the former behaviour. I suggest you to run that script - the update page will provide you with the necessary link. One more note: the [url] and [img]/[imgr] tags must *not* be nested.
+ Protected user input against malicious HTML code: now there are only a few HTML tags allowed within the fields
! Fixed syntax error in Spanish language file - now Spanish should install fine.
+ Added Search function (to be found via the edit menue). Filter settings are added to the conditions entered into this form for the search.
! Fixed some problems with the configuration/preferences update (some settings could not be changed)
v0.4.4 (04.04.2003)
! fixed another cookie-overwritten var on the configuration page which made change of printer impossible with cookies enabled
+ added printer specification for Canon S520 to PSLabel system
* created final work-around for a Konqueror Cookie bug affecting the prefered language setting (see second item of v0.4.3 below), which means we handle the given cookie correctly (no Bulgarian-fallback at this place anymore, but fallback to the language set by phpMyAdmin as long as Konqueror remains within its ignorance and gives us that despite of the wrong path)
* When walking through your collection on the view_entry screen using the previous/next icons (left resp. right to the movie title), gaps (holes in part/media numbers) are now handled as expected. Up to now, we considered the "end of the world" instead and jumped to the previous/next medium resp. media type when hitting a gap ;)
+ Spanish language support added - thanks to Pablo!
v0.4.3 (25.03.2003)
! Fixed problem in DB Setup for PSLabel tables: some MySQL versions take "DEFAULT ''" as "DEFAULT NULL" which stands in contradiction to the "NOT NULL" constraint.
! Fixed a problem with Cookies: if you use phpMyAdmin on the same server as phpVideoPro, the first was overwriting the "lang" cookie of the latter when using Konqueror as browser (at least verified with Konqueror 3.0.4). This does still happen with the mentioned version of Konqueror since it ignores the cookie path setting, but now should not happen anymore with any browser that does *not* ignore the cookies path.
! With cookies enabled and user-defined preferences stored within cookies, the selected label configuration variable got overwritten by the cookies value (since both had the same name) when printing a label using the "old" label system called from the view_entry page
v0.4.2 (23.02.2003)
* made session_purgetime (inactivity timeout for logged-in sessions) user configurable
* cookies are no longer a "must" in order for sessions (user authentification) to work. Even though, I encourage you to use the cookie option - not only for the session id to not appear within the url lines, but the users preferences still need them (or some of your db saved "default" preferences get overwritten by them from time to time ;). However: if you decide to use cookies in your config, but the user refuses to accept them: (S)he won't be able to log in, and it's not your fault.
* thought about the "register_globals=On" issue: this limit will remain since I won't have the time to go over it all in the near future. But to help you living with it (if the problem affects you), I recommend visiting http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.registerglobals.php (part of the PHP online documentation) to find a solution suitable to you.
+ added a new label engine using PostScript to create labels (thanx to Michael Hasselberg who created this module!). Be aware that this new engine is not yet completed and thus still experimental.
+ added some new labels for the new PS engine. Side labels already look really great (and work great as well)!
! fixed a problem with cookies: when set-up to expire at end of session, they expired immediately when set
* when a session has expired, there's an appropriate hint now on the login page - and the initial page in that case doesn't display a "logged in as guest" anymore
v0.4.1 (05.02.2003)
* removed the "unknown" entries from the ranking list on the statistics page
+ added user and session management - for certain activities you *must* login now!
v0.4.0 (20.11.2002)
* brought help files up-to-date
! fixed a minor bug concerning label's content
! some minor fixes for PostgreSQL and the installation pages
v0.3.8 (10.11.2002)
* now using cookies for user based preferences. Defaults are taken from the DB as usual. DB preferences (= defaults) are managed via the admin->configuration menue, while edit->configuration manages the user preferences, i.e. by cookies.
* renamed the "configuration" item in edit menue to "preferences" - this reflects the issue much better ;)
* filters are now working via cookies as well - so multiple users now can use different filter settings simultaneously!
! there were some problems with quote signs (and some others) in title, source and comment field texts. Hopefully fixed.
* going to feature freeze for v0.4.0 now...
v0.3.7 (06.11.2002)
* when a medium became empty (by removal of the last movie), it was always removed from the media table (and thus not available for free space searches). This is now configurable.
* moved color settings (for page and table backgrounds) into templates stylesheet and removed them from config screen. They should only change with the selected theme. Modify there for your convenience ;)
* moved parts from config.inc to config screen: rw_media, remove_empty, defaults[scolor] and site - so only absolut necessary items are still kept in this file
* configuration form now appears twice: once in edit (where it has always been) and once in the admin menue. Reason: administrative items, such as which media may be written to, or should empty media be removed, are now only reachable via the admin menue, while the "traditional place" now only displays "preferences" that make sense on user base. So to protect your installation, even if there's no user management for now, you just can place an .htaccess file into the admin/ directory. Well, this does not protect your movie entries from being overwritten - but every thing has its time, right?
+ added setting "label" to the edit form. This is to define wether a movie should appear on the label for its medium.
+ added default setting for tone format (was previously "mono" for new entries - now it is configurable)
v0.3.6 (03.11.2002)
+ added managment (i.e. search for and deletion of) orphaned entries in/from the staff tables
+ added database backup (humm, time for a separate admin menue, huh?)
+ added admin menue and moved all administrative items here (hm, now the edit menue looks quite empty ;)
+ added restore. Don't look for it in the menue - it's not there, but runs via the installation screens. See online help for details.
* made some "visual improvements" for the installation screens. Look much better now - at least to me :)
+ added search for duplicate movie titles
v0.3.5 (29.10.2002)
! color name for movie (color, b/w or 3d) was not translated when viewing an entry. Fixed.
! on the start page, when an entry was selected HTML header was created twice - which caused problems with Netscape 4.x. Fixed by Michael.
* some browsers (including Opera) always displayed cached copies when e.g. changing some values on the configuration page. They shouldn't do so anymore (at least Opera does not :)
+ added site info (the "site" variable in config.inc) - that's what's now displayed within the title bar of your browser behind the "@" sign.
* view/edit entry screens now show the complete movie number (including the media type) in title bar and headline, plus the form looks a bit better now
+ added prev/next buttons (next to the movie title) to the "view entry" form so you now can directly walk your collection
+ addition and removal of categories is now implemented
v0.3.4 (24.10.2002)
* when deleting the last movie from a r/w medium, the empty medium is now removed as well (cosmetical fix).
+ phpVideoPro should now be able to support multiple read/write media. Be careful using this function - and please report any strange behaviour immediately, since this new feature is not yet thouroughly tested. In order to enable it, edit the inc/config.inc file; you'll find more explanations at the end of this file within the "technical" block.
+ media capacity for (re)writable media is now editable. To use this feature, just click on the button for the remaining time when viewing an entry.
+ categories can now be edited. However, you can't add or remove categories yet - this features will be part of a future release.
* cleaned up the comments so phpdocgen doesn't complain any more. Added some more comments, amongst others for the auto-generated api doc
v0.3.3 (20.10.2002)
! worked around a Netscape 4.x JavaScript bug with the label printing function in view_entry (thanx to Michael Hasselberg for providing this fix!)
+ taperest list now shows the movie's number (linked to the movies entry) within the contents column
+ now you can copy (duplicate) or move a movie's entry into a new record (i.e. to a new medium). To find this function, just click on the MediaNr or MediaType button. Btw: this is the "change medium / media number" feature some of you requested, just a bit enhanced :)
! fixed some bug with freetime update when adding a new entry (possibly introduced with v0.3.2)
v0.3.2 (14.10.2002)
+ added functionality for d/l of latest version (new item in edit menue)
! freetime update was broken - fixed.
! filter could not be edited when no actor, director or componist was in DB - fixed.
* some more code cleanup (to produce new bugs ;)
* in edit/view entry, remaining free time now is displayed for editable media only (e.g. not for DVD or Original Video Tapes), i.e. at this time for RVT only (until I've added support for more than one mtype here). Analogue to that, the in_list button for an actor does not show "yes/no" information any more in view_entry, when the actor is not set. Same applies to director and composer.
v0.3.1 (02.10.2002)
* movie title button now also links to IMDB information (as names do)
! movielist: order by category didn't work. Fixed.
+ added statistics page
! help system ignored language settings (did nobody notice this?) - fixed.
v0.3.0 (24.09.2002)
! first-time installation failed: we tried to read from tables which did not yet exist
* started adding comments for javadoc style api doc generation
+ added most of the Swedish help files (thank you, Tony!)
* some code cleanup
* added instructions to doc/README on how to remove unneeded language support files
v0.2.8 (29.07.2002)
* categories are now translated (if you miss translations for your language, see the "HowTo" section on how to create them, then create them, and send them to me :)
+ added Swedish language file (thanks to Tony!)
* Now filters can be REALLY edited (found out that up to v0.2.7 one could only reset or add to filters - but unsetting/changing just a single item was not possible)
! fixed PG constraint update problem (update from v0.2.6 to v0.2.7 failed - why didn't anybody tell me? Nobody using PG?)
! fixed a few bugs concerning NULL values for add_entry and update introduced with v0.2.7
v0.2.7 (04.07.2002)
* updated German and English help files to reflect latest changes. Still need people who do the same for the other languages already available with phpVideoPro.
- removed obsolet SQL update files in setup/ (which just increased the version number). Updates from "ancient versions" do still work.
! absolut taperest list was broken (fixed filters)
* Bulgarian language file updated (thanx to Tsveti!)
! fixed wrong movie grouping in taperest list
* moved almost all SQL code into db.inc (lots of methods added/rewritten)
v0.2.6 (26.06.2002)
+ added list printing functionality. Right now, it prepares the lists for either directly being printed (spartanic ASCII version) or exported to your favorite word processor / spread sheet for further processing (HTML and CSV version)
* made date format configurable (right now just used with the list printing, everything else will follow)
* added/updated some help pages
* some work on the db class in preparation for code cleanup (all direct db queries should only be here: "abstraction layer" to ease changes to db), same for preferences (to be continued ;)
* $db->get_movie() now uses outer joins (speeds up list building by at least factor 2!). Side effect: you have to make sure your DB type supports this (e.g. PostgreSQL 7.0 does NOT, here it was added with 7.1 afaik). With this release, only label and list generation are affected; but with the next versions, all pages will switch to the new db-class layout.
v0.2.5 (17.06.2002)
* made label configs based on defaults by including default configs to ease modification of label sets
! fixed vertical align of text on label
* max number of lines to fit on label now configurable with the labels config
* text (and db fields) to put on label are now configurable - even multiple text lines per movie are supported
* toolbar is now displayed for labels to allow easier access to the print function (no effect on Konqueror whyever - but works fine with Mozilla)
+ added HowTo on creation/configuration of label templates (in help system)
+ added ability to print multiple labels on one page
+ added help on label printing
v0.2.4 (12.06.2002)
! $recdate in view_entry was not displayed correctly for "unknown dates"
! fixed display of unknown dates in medialist
+ added simple label printing, accessible via the view_entry form. For now this just prints one label (for the selected medium); printing a range of labels may (or may not ;) follow later. Label opens in a new window for preview, use your browser's print function then.
v0.2.3 (05.06.2002)
+ added feature to walk through long lists in pieces of user-definable size (first/prev/next/last page of lists). Behaves a bit strange for staff lists (directors, artists etc.) if you have some skeletons in your closet (i.e. staff members with no movie assigned) or have some staff members not marked as "in list"
+ added French language support
* reworked translation code - incredible speed gain!
! forgot to update the version number in the installation script for v0.2.1 and
v0.2.2 - so if you upgrade from a fresh installation of one of those, make sure
v0.2.2 (30.05.2002)
! edit.tpl caused probs with NS 4.x (almost fixed - NS 4.x too stupid)
! insert a person (staff) into db failed if only name OR firstname were specified (fixed)
+ added support for VideoCD (VCD)
* some rework at the database functions/classes
* setup now checks for existance and read permissions of sql files before trying to execute them and reports errors accordingly
v0.2.1 (30.09.2001)
+ made urls in commentfield (view entry) clickable
+ added IMDB support for staff members (view entry, click on name)
! stafflist always displayed not_found (fixed)
* added stylesheets for input and select boxes
* some design update on edit/view entry screen (w/o effect for NS 4.x :)
+ added new fields for counter & commercials to edit/view entry page
! help system displayed nonsense when topic not found (fixed)
* added new help topic and updated some existing ones
v0.2.0 (23.09.2001)
! if no matching entry was found, stafflist screen was messed up. Fixed.
* completed German help files
! order by MediaNr in MediaList ignored part nr. fixed.
* reorganized sql statements in preparation of PostgreSQL support
* added documentation header to most files
+ addition of language files for Norwegian, Polish, Dutch, Bulgarian and Italian (Thanx to Knut, Leszek, Tom, Tsveti and Alex!)
+ added possibility to directly go to an entry specified by MediaNr
* fixed some translation stuff (e.g. color names in edit.php)
+ added basic PostgreSQL support - please report any errors/bugs/problems
* charset is now maintained by the language files (and not accessible via the configuration screen any more)
! fresh installation was broken (fixed)
* splitted date field into day-month-year
! remaining free space on tape was updated incorrectly when adding a new entry to an existing tape (fixed)
v0.1.7 (16.08.2001)
* another intermediate release due to internal changes (help system). Now I will really go to "feature freeze" again, just creating the missing German help files and fixing bugs - so if anybody finds any bug, please report! I want to have the next release in Gamma state... starting with v0.2.0, the digits of the version numbers should mean the following to you: last digit: beta state nr# or "0" if none; middle digit: gamma state nr# or "0" if none; first digit: final release nr# or "0" if none. Alphas will only be internal and have a suffix added (p#, as to be seen on the Developers Demo)
* made help system template driven
* made help files easy to create/edit even for people without any knowledge of PHP and even HTML (see online docu)
+ added possibility for translation and variable usage to help templates
* updated some help file content
* added new German help files
v0.1.6 (14.08.2001)
* updated help files
* enhanced stylesheet: added table background color (adjustable via the configuration screen)
! fixed a template parse bug in filter menue
* some cosmetical fixes on view/edit and filter screen
! update to "source" field went into the Nirwana - fixed.
* made some forgotten pages template driven
! update from a version < 0.1.4 to > 0.1.4 did not work by a single step - one had to call the update page twice. fixed.
+ added language and template support to configuration screen
* updated help page design
+ added some German help files
* added ToDo list to doc/ directory (doc/2do)
v0.1.5 (05.08.2001)
+ re-sorting of medialist can now be done by simply clicking on the appropriate table header
* moved to template-based design - now YOU can decide how phpVideoPro shall look like, without knowing anything about PHP: just edit plain HTML templates and create your own favorite "skin" (and then don't forget to send it to me to include it within the next release :)
+ added template selection to configuration page
+ added checkbox to configuration page: scan for new language files. You need to check this only, if you add a language file that was not present before (new language)
v0.1.4 (29.07.2001)
* worked on the menue stuff. Menue should be "compatible" with most browsers. I've tested it successfully with Netscape 4.76, M$IEx 5.0, Mozilla 0.9.1. However, Konqueror 2.1.1, Opera 5.0 and M$IEx 4.01 still turned out to have problems: they show the menue, but it won't work. Using different menues for Netscape <= 4 and the rest of the world to get all (or at least most) of them working.
* Help menue now has an additional entry: help for the current page
+ added list of actors, list of directors, list of composers
* updated help system accordingly
* updated setup (and fixed a little bug there)
v0.1.3 (26.07.2001)
+ implemented help system and wrote English help files
* out-sourced stylesheet for maybe planned template support
+ added sort criteria to media list: 1) MediaType, 2) MediaNr. For now this is static - some future version may add some dynamic to it to let the user decide about the sorting
! fixed a small bug in config routine (language files were not found)
+ added possibility to refresh language phrases in db from new/modified language files (you will need this on every update :)
v0.1.2 (17.07.2001)
! taperest list showed up wrong media names (and movie titles): Media Type specification in sql statement was incomplete :)
+ added translation functionality - now phpVideoPro can go multi-language! FallBack to default language (en) implemented for non-existing phrases. If no translation exists at all, the coders info appears :)
* added new tables to db: some for the translation stuff, and one to store configuration settings. This will make updates easier (for now we can determine the previously installed version easily) and as well prepared the way to some better setup tool (see below)
+ "internationalized" phpVideoPro by making the pages using the translation code (and adding required translations to lang_en.sql and lang_de.sql). (Hopefully) finnished for most pages (tell me if I forgot something :).
* setup now autodetects version of already installed database when updating
* renewed setup tool - now it contains a configuration page as well
* moved main part of inc/config.inc into db for easier maintenance by new configuration page
! some minor bugfixes/cosmetical changes
v0.1.1 (04.07.2001)
+ (un)setting of filters now implemented
* for now filters follow this rule: multiple selected items of the same type (e.g. categories) are combined with "OR" (except those with "min" and "max" values - they are combined with "AND"), different types are combined with "AND". An example: setting the filter on category_a, category_b, mediatype_a and mediatype_b would produce the filter "(category_a OR category_b) AND (mediatype_a OR mediatype_b)". I plan to extend this, and make AND/OR selectable for those fields it makes sense with (e.g. it makes no sense with the colors to combine them with AND - since a movie is either s/w or color).
+ implemented filters into medialist - seems to work :)
! when updating an entry, where another one with same number but different media existed, both entries were updated with the same data. fixed.
+ added functionality to delete an existing entry. DB should be reorganized during this process (e.g. actors deleted from actors table if no other db entry is referring to them).
+ added filtered taperest list (list of remaining time on tapes which only includes tapes that match the filter criteria)
* small updates to the README (update process, latest version URL)
v0.1.0 (29.06.2001)
+ added README (with hints for installation and notes on copyright and license)
! while outsourcing some functions used in more than one file, update was broken (duplicate function declaration), fixed.
! when adding a new entry it was possible to get duplicate or invalid media IDs. Added some check to prevent this.
* preset "Aquired" date to current date when adding a new entry
* added check for valid date on adding new and changing existing entry
* relaxed date check. Now providing an "incomplete" date is possible. This is useful, if one e.g. does not remember the exact date of acquiration, and so is just able to enter the year (or year and month). Missing data are to be substituted by zeros (e.g. "2000-05-00")
! remaining time on video tape was miscalculated, if other medium (e.g. DVD) with the same number existed. Fixed.
* First public beta - didn't think it will go that fast!
v0.0.3 (27.06.2001)
* action processed (e.g. "editing entry RVT 0089-02") is now displayed in the browsers title bar
+ "free time on media" list now working
+ added page with instructions how to setup phpVideoPro
+ added setup script for database
+ adding a new entry is now possible! So this fine piece of software should now be useful even for people other than me :)
* Going to feature freeze (now the product has all its "main functions" and can, as mentioned above, be used by "the public") and check for bugs (guess I'll have to force myself to this step - since there are some functions I am dying to implement ;). If no bugs are found within the next days (or the ones found are fixed), version number will change to 0.1.0 as first public beta (wow!)
v0.0.2 (24.06.2001)
* database completely reworked and restructured to what I felt to be suitable to fit the new requirements. Detail view largely improved (but still not satisfying me :).
+ improved Detail View (old one dropped :)
+ possibility to change existing movie data
+ LongPlay now selectable, also wether to include director/composer of current movie when listing up directors/composers
+ added history page
v0.0.1 (31.01.2001)
* initial version - just allowed browsing of existing data, no changes are made to data. Features available: MediaList, Detail View, About
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