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Last modified: July 14 2008
v0.1.8 (14.07.2008)
+ added script to create a basic PKGBUILD file (for ArchLinux) from .spec
+ integrated spec2arch into the pkgmake process. This includes a few new command line (and configuration file) parameters for pkgmake
v0.1.7 (01.06.2008)
+ adding the placeholders __DEB_REQUIRES__ and __RPM_REQUIRES__ for requirements specific to the given package format
+ adding the placeholders __RECOMMENDS__, __SUGGESTS__ and __REPLACES__ for the Debian-specific keywords (requires debbuild >= revision 129)
* updated dependencies in SpecFile template
v0.1.6 (10.10.2007)
+ adding the -autosect switch: Debian sections can now automatically be derived from RPM groups, using a plain text mapping file you can edit to match your wishes
! changelog sorting ate entries when the same date was used for more than one
* made the exit codes more distinct
* updated man pages
v0.1.5 (10.08.2007)
! Tar forgot about hidden files - fixed
* configuration is now read "serialized": hard-coded setting inside the script are overwritten by definitions in the system wide configuration (etc/pkgmake/pkgmake.conf), which are then overwritten by the values of the personal config (~/.pkgmake/pkgmake.conf). This way you only need to re-define differences, and not setup everything again.
+ updated docs a little bit
+ added option to always remove the .spec after processing (RMSPEC=1) and cmd line option to override (-keepspec)
v0.1.4 (03.08.2007)
+ the new -section cmd line switch (or SECTION config keyword) now causes pkgmake to create a separate .dspec file for debbuild, replacing the __GROUP__ variable by the given Debian section instead of the RPM group. By default, this .dspec file will be deleted after processing.
+ some documentation updates: "man pkgmake" now also lists some examples, the doc/pkgmake.txt file finally has "additional information", and one more file (doc/install.txt) has been added to explain the installation using the make utility.
* configuration files are now in /etc/pkgmake/ resp. ~/.pkgmake
+ added changelog sorting (important for rpmbuild)
! Fixed DEBOPTS/RPMOPTS (sometimes didn't work)
v0.1.3 (27.07.2007)
+ add uninstall target to Makefile and make the whole Makefile better complying to what the make documentation recommends
! the -p command line parameter was setting the package name (and not the packager, as it should)
+ added MKSDEB and MKSRPM configuration options (and corresponding command line parameters -sdeb, -srpm, -nosdeb, -nosrpm) - source packages are no longer created by default (set MKSDEB=1 and MKSRPM=1 in the configuration file to restore previous behaviour)
* changed the "silencing" parameters: \"-q -q\" as before (turn off STDOUT and STDERR from sub-processes, i.e. debbuild/rpmbuild). But: -Q to make pkgmake itself silent. This way you can tell pkgmake to "shut up" while still having the output from debbuild/rpmbuild.
+ added the possibility to pass additional parameters to debbuild/rpmbuild (see the DEBOPTS/RPMOPTS config and -debopt/-rpmopt command line parameters)
v0.1.2 (22.07.2007)
+ added the MKTAR configuration variable (and -notar command line switch)
+ added the NUKECVS config variable (and -nonukecvs command line switch) for cleaning up the copy of your source (and thus the distribution tarball) from CVS/SVN config files
! configuration files have been overriding command line options - fixed.
* removed all the automatic sudo - if you need to run as a different user, you now have to sudo the script yourself
+ Added processing for *.rpm packages (see the new configuration options MKDEB and MKRPM). You now can decide whether you want to build *.deb, *.rpm or both. Use command line parameters (-[no]deb, -[no]rpm) to override.
! Changelog was applied in wrong order (causing rpmbuild to fail)
v0.1.1 (20.07.2007)
* first public version
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