History for relman

Last modified: February 02 2009
v0.1.6 (02.02.2009)
! tar was not created when rpm AND deb had been switched off
! depending on configuration defaults, if a project was configured for tar only relman still tried to distribute the (non-existent) RPMs and/or DEBs
+ added possibility to distribute the PKGBUILD file. Other than the PKGBUILD file included in the tarball, the distributed variant will be updated with the md5sum of the tar.gz file
+ now it is possible to use the variables $PRG and $version in the config files. These variables correspond with the first two parameters passed to relman
v0.1.5 (27.05.2008)
+ added xfer via RSync and sFTP
* initial output of configuration (the "confirmation screen") changed - it got to long, so now we only display those variables really set/used
+ the descfile is now passed to pkgmake (if specified)
+ optionally, the descfile can now be converted to some basic HTML code and be transfered via RSync or SCP to a remote server, in order to use it with the HistView download class
+ Some more replacements for the HTML DescFile now can be defined in ~/.relman/.dr (see man pages plus example relman.dr file for details)
+ package information (so far, architecture and requires) can be appended to the distributed (HTML) DescFile now by setting "descaddpkginfo" to 1 in your config (either globally, or per project)
v0.1.4 (17.03.2008)
* running code XFer only when sourcedir != builddir
+ new config option "mkchangelog" to create a ChangeLog (for RPM) out of the projects _histfile (as long as that is specified as well and exists)
* edited exit codes and added them also to the man pages
+ added the '--list' option to list up all configured projects (short name and full name along)
+ added the '--help' option (display basic help on syntax and available options)
v0.1.3 (19.08.2007)
+ added prebuild, postbuild and postrun options (for each package)
+ added "codeget": Optionally obtain the code via "cp", "cvs" or "svn" from your source directory - or leave the job to pkgmake. In the first 3 cases, you've got the chance to do something on the copy of your code before releasing it, but without effect on your original source, when using the "prebuild" option.
+ added histfile xfer (to place the file for HistView on the remote machine)
* initial details display no shows "yes/no" instead of "0/1" for the boolean options
v0.1.2 (07.08.2007)
+ added distribution targets for [s]deb and [s]rpm via scp and ftp
+ added man pages
* reading config in sequence (internal - /etc/relman - ~/.relman/)
+ added missing project-based settings
+ created documented example relman.conf
* first public release
v0.1.1 (03.08.2007)
* first usable version (used only internally)
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