The author takes no responsibility for any results caused by this software: you use it on your own risk. This especially includes any damage, data loss, corruption or whatever may happen, even if this is not expected.
FRAMon is ©opyrighted by Andreas Itzchak Rehberg and protected by the GNU Public License Version 2 (GPL). For details on this license, see the file LICENSE located in the doc/ subdirectory of the package. As the GPL states, you are free to copy and distribute this code - as long as you keep all of its parts together. Of course, the LICENSE file is meant by this as well: so in case you make modifications to the code, your modifications will be subject of the GPL as well if you go to distribute them. But that's the idea behind open source: everybody is welcome to distribute; and as the user benefits of the developers work, the original developer shall benefit of the users work as well.
Useful links to mention together with FRAMon concern the download and latest information regarding FRAMon itself, as well as other information/programs connected to Oracle:
IzzySoft At this site you find more useful (Oracle) tools by the author of the FRAMon package, as e.g. OraRep and OSPRep (the Oracle Report utilities), or the DBAHelper collection, as well as the one or the other useful documentation
Freshmeat The Freshmeat.net project page of IzzySoft - find out about popularity, development, and new releases of the free available IzzySoftWare
DBASupport.com Find more Oracle resources (Scripts etc.) here
If you have questions or suggestions, or just want to report something concerning FRAMon, you can either use the contact form provided at the IzzySoft.DE web site, or write an email to devel AT izzysoft DOT de. Of course you can do so as well if you want to request commercial support with Oracle issues.