Introduction to FRAMon
What is FRAMon?

The purpose of FRAMon is to preemtively monitor the Oracle FRA, so the DBA can see in advance whether resize actions will be required. It mainly consists of three parts:

  • a PL/SQL package to gather necessary information from within the database
  • a Shell (Linux/Unix) or Batch (Windows) script to gather file system information from each machine, plus to transfer all collected information to the web servers host
  • a PHP script to visualize the gathered information
What information will FRAMon provide?

This is best told by viewing some example output. FRAMon will show some basic information about the databases, its data files, plus the size and contention of the FRA - the latter being visualized by a graph. If the data of some databases are not up-to-date, hints will be provided at the top of the page. Same applies if the FRA for some database is filled more than 50% (so the next backup may fail to fit in if nothing is deleted before).

Databases can be grouped to make the whole "report" clear. A small navigation bar on top of each group helps you to easily go to the desired section.

Where to find the latest information/version?

From time to time this package may be updated. This will mostly happen, when I found some bugs to fix or features to add. When time permits, the documentation will be updated, too... Then, whenever I find it's worth it, I will release a new package.

For the always latest information on FRAMon, as well as on my other products, just visit the IzzySoft website. In case of questions/suggestions, you also may use the contact form available there.