Technical Background
Programming Languages
The FRAMon package is written using PL/SQL, additional scripts use Bash Shell (Unix/Linux) or Windows Batch. Collected information will be prepared for display using PHP. For the graphs and alerts, JavaScript must be enabled in the browser.

The requirements can directly be derived from the above paragraph and the intended goal: First, you need an Oracle Database Server up and running, otherwise you won't need any of the FRAMon scripts :) Second, the instance(s) of this Database Server you want FRAMon to work on need to have PL/SQL installed, otherwise the package cannot be processed by them. Moreover, you will need a Unix Shell (the FRAMon installation script has been successfully tested with the Bash Shell) or Windows Batch Processing. Last but not least, a web server with PHP support is required (recommended: Apache mit PHP Modul).

These scripts have not been approved by a "beta tester team" or the like, so you should consider them still in beta stage. This may change if people like you work with the scripts and send me their reports - not only if they encounter problems, but also if everything works well. I'm always happy to receive reports on where my tools are running fine. This not only encourages a developer - it also helps the user who needs approvement. And if I can add in this documentation that the package has successfully been used by 187 users in 243 different environments, this may lower the fear of other ones thinking about it. Of course, if there are any errors/problems, you should report them as well - so either we can fix/solve them, or at least add a "troubleshooting" section to this documentation to help users identifying possible hazards in advance and work around them.