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Did you ever burn a MP3 CD? Or even more than one? And then, when you were looking for a certain title, were annoyed of putting in multiple of them into your CDRom drive to find out were it is... In this case, phpCDLabelPS is your solution!
phpCDLabelPS reads in your data CDRom and creates a PostScript file containing a cover for your CD, including the sides description. You provide the title of the CD (i.e. what is to be printed on the sides to identify your media). Additionally, you may customize the font sizes (directories and filenames separately) - which may be useful to coordinate the content of disks with many or just few files on.
Since the whole thing is based on a template, you even can modify the design by e.g. change font types or border lines. If you created a new template which is working fine with phpCDLabelPS, of course I would be happy if you'ld share it with me!
I won't be digging in it much further since phpCDLabelPS now does all I want it to do. If you can think of some useful features, you may try to convince me - maybe I will be so thrilled by your idea that I immediatly go for it - nothing's impossible!
Itzchak "Izzy" Rehberg
May 2002