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BSmtp stands for "Batch-Smtp" - and that's what I originally developed it for: to process BSmtp files and feed the contained mails to a local Smtp server. So I should explain next what are BSmtp files: in short, they contain one or more mails in a specified format for transfer to a (sub-) net without permanent connection to "the net", where those mails should be made available on a local mail server to members of that (sub-) net (IntraNet).
Meanwhile, BSMTP/2 is capable of more (somehow that simple feature was no more enough for me). To list up available features in short:
  • processing of BSmtp files
  • simple MajorDomo
  • usable as a filter in Smtp servers (e.g. in Weasel)
Since I switched from OS/2 to Linux some years ago, development on BSMTP/2 has stopped. If there are requests on that, I may consider porting it to Linux Shell or PHP - but in times where most people have Internet flat rates, I don't think anybody will ask for it...
Itzchak "Izzy" Rehberg
February 2007