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BSMTP/2 is © 2000-2001 by Itzchak Rehberg. It is shared to the public as FreeWare under the "General Public License" (GPL) - so everyone can use, copy and modify it freely as long as he sticks to the terms mentioned there (for details, please see the file COPYING within the distribution archive). Please remember to send me a message if you use BSMTP/2 (an plan to use it more than once) - the one and only issue here is that I might know someone other than me is interested in this software, and keeping me continuing my work on that :-) Of course your questions/suggestions are welcome, too.
If you have comments, questions and suggestions - or even bug reports on BSMTP/2, please write to Izzy. Also if you are interested to be kept up-to-date on the development of BSMTP/2 and the availability of new versions: I send a short report into a list everytime a new version is released (usually this does not happen more often than once or twice a month), and you can get subscribed by me (sorry, an automatical subscription is not (yet) possible). So in this case, too, just drop a message to above mentioned contact.
More OpenSource projects (from the author of BSMTP/2, too) are to be found at Sourceforge and Freshmeat - most important in this context, also a page with more information about BSMTP/2 and its current developement status, so simply click on following logo to get there:
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