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Das inoffizielle Android-HandbuchDas inoffizielle Android-Handbuch
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Das inoffizielle Android-SystemhandbuchDas inoffizielle Android-Systemhandbuch
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Die besten Android-Apps: Android-Systemtools. Fotografie & Freizeit. Büro-Tools, Schule und StudiumDie besten Android-Apps: Android-Systemtools. Fotografie & Freizeit. Büro-Tools, Schule und Studium
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Software Demos

For selected software, there are "demos" available on this server. Depending on the software type, these demos may be interactive (e.g. for pure web applications), or simply show example output (e.g. database reporting tools). However, they provide an insight into what you can expect from the software package – without the need to install it first on your machine.

Program Description
FRAMon Scripts to preemtively monitor the Oracle FRA, so the DBA can see in advance whether resize actions will be required
HistView HistView is part of the IzzySoft Release Framework, but can also be used stand-alone. Its purpose is to display software ChangeLogs in the Internet browser, enhancing the text file with HTML and icons.
HyperSQL Creates documentation of your PL/SQL code
iFAQMaker PHP class to ease the management of FAQs, HowTos, a.o.m.
OraRep Oracle Report Generator to visualize performance statistics
OSPRep Oracle StatsPack Report Generator to generate concise StatsPack reports
phpDiveLog Bring your Aqua DiveLog logbook online
phpVideoPro Store information about your DVD/VCD/VHS/… movies in this application. Supports a lot of features like retrieving information from IMDB.COM sites, printing labels and lists, comfortable search, and more.