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Oracle Support

This page contains some useful tips and tricks concerning Oracle database administration topics as well as some scripts developed by me. Note: Use at your own risk. I will take no responsibility or liability for any results or side-effects – even though I used them successfully more than once!):

Migrating a Database to UTF8
Create a Standby Database using RMAN on Oracle 10g
Install Oracle 10g Grid Control
Creating a DataGuard Broker Configuration using DGMGRL
RMAN Framework - Easy Interface for beginners, and more
Start OS jobs from within Oracle
Avoid unintentional use of unlicensed Options
Manual Switchover in a Data Guard environment without relying on dgmgrl (to avoid Active Data Guard being triggered)
Configure & use Listeners & Services
Izzys Oracle Scratchpad
Utilities Links
OraGen: Reverse-Engineer a CreateDB script from an existing Oracle database (now part of DBAHelper, see below)    
OraRep: Oracle Report Generator (Performance/Statistics reports for Oracle databases in HTML format) Documentation History Demo / Sample Project Page Download
OSPRep: Oracle StatsPack Report (HTML replacement for the ASCII-type reports of Oracle StatsPack) Documentation History Demo / Sample Project Page Download
DBAHelper: Scripts for the DBAs daily work Documentation History Project Page Download
IZMigration: Migrate a Database (e.g. from Latin-1 to UTF8) Documentation Download
FRAMon: FRA Monitor Documentation Demo / Sample Download